Vintage record player

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

What Vintage Record Player fits your needs

You are someone living in the 21st century. You care about both style and functionality. But that does not mean that you do not appreciate beauty from the past. In fact, all that modern dime a dozen electrical stuff does not reflect your personality. You know how to value a fine piece of work, both from history and the present. Obviously, for the jet-setting mind, vintage is the way to go. Classical design with that timeless sound full of character. However, finding the best vintage record player can be though. So, we’ve put together this resource, this all-inclusive guide to help you find the turntable that fits your style.

Ultimate Vintage Record Player Comparison Guide

  • Model picture
  • Brand and name/model – (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Extra’s: other ways for playing music and extra’s functions
  • Price – Theprices from  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more.  Generally speaking: $ = under $50, $$ = $50 to $100, $$$ = $100 to $200, $$$$ = $200 to $500 and $$$$$ is $500+
  • Rating – The average user rating on Amazon, the opinion of others about this instrument.

For the storage of your albums we refer to our record storage guide.

Types of Classic Vinyl Instruments

These musical instruments come in two varieties: phonograph and turntable style. There is no better type, it is a matter of personal preference. Both models possess that classic look and produce the characteristic sound.

vintage record player


This is an example of phonograph type, the brass horn is providing personality to the player. When put to action, the sound comes from the horn, this gives both volume and is affecting the nature of the music produced.


This is an example of a model with the turntable look. This type has Electrohome nostalgiano horn and is therefore more modest in appearance. Most specimens have a lid which can be put over the record in order to protect it from dust and disruption during the play of the vinyl. The cap also gives character to the player.

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Why choose for a nostalgic musical instrument

  • You ‘re classic. Modern technology is great, a high end stereo system does provide a decent sound. You however, desire for more than only functionality. And do not forget, all those great vinyl albums you still have.
  • You like to stand out. Everybody has got a MP3 player and a Spotify account. But when you are throwing a party or show your house to some friends, you do like to be unique. A piece that reflects your identity is therefore what you like to surround yourself with.
  • You love the sound of vinyl. Let’s face it. Music is just better when played from vinyl. The sound has character and the music is swinging a bit extra.
  • You do not like a lot maintenance. If, for example you would choose to get a second handed model from 30 years ago, it would probably break down a lot of times. With a vintage model you combine both quality and nostalgia.

Best vintage vinyl players

Pyle-Home PTCDS3UIP Classical Trumpet Horn

This Pyle Home is one that will definitely draw some attention. The prominent brass horn and wooden cabinet draw the attention of everybody’s eye’s within seconds. And that is before you place a record on the platter. This Pyle-Home Classical Trumpet Horn Model  is not the be placed in the corner behind some plants.

When placed on a decent spot with maybe some album covers close to it, it will bring a classic look to the whole chamber. Imagine a nice Classic record playerevening with some friends (or maybe that one girl or guy) and instead off plugging in an Ipod you grab a few vinyl records and let your audience between some classic rock. Rihanna and your Laptop are for sure no match for The stones and the Pyle-Home PTCDS3UIP. And when you would like to cheat a bit, you can also plug you USB stick in it or put on the radio. So even modern songs can be heard with that vinyl like sound.

Pyle PTCD4BT Bluetooth Classic Style  Instrument with CD Player, Cassette Deck and USB Flash Drive Reader

This particular model does not have the prominent brass horn. With the cabinet entirely from wood and the deep cherry red color it does however breaths nostalgia.

With the ability to connect to your phone or laptop with Bluetooth you do not even have to put a record on it. Also FM radio and a USB are combined within this Pyle PTCD4BT Bluetooth Classic Style product. But do not mistake this classic item for being something else than a vinyl instrument. With the stereo speakers you will be able to fill the entire room when you are playing a record. Even when that room is filled with people. Add to that feature the classic, elegant look and you now that you have a new trophy in your room whit this musical instrument.

 Why buying a old fashioned Instrument?

  • The best music experience
  • The looks 
  • The characteristic sound

The best music experience. Having a record player is not only about the music and sound, but also about the device itself. Listening to music from vinyl is just different compared to listening to a home cinema system. Because of the experience of the sound also the player itself is important. The whole process of selecting a record and placing the needle on it ads value to the music.

The looks. Maybe it is not the sound that you are focusing on, maybe you are more interested in the looks of an item. Especially in this case an old-fashioned look can be just what you are searching for. A classic (looking) piece can really add some value and atmosphere to your room. Both older players and new vintage players can have that classical look, with the older players a bit more expensive and sometimes a bit harder to operate. Modern vintage copies can therefore offer an great alternative.

The characteristic sound. Together with the classic look, the main for reason for desire. Everybody will notice the extra “cracks and swings” in the sound. The music is a little bit more alive as it seems. Maybe this is not of notice with modern House but with rock or pop music this will for sure be the case.

Thoughts on vinyl

Who has not some memories that dated a long long time ago. Those moments you’re young and adventures. Late evenings and ever during nights with a song on the background. Some dance and little chat. Maybe even some romance but for sure sweet thoughts. These moments can be a Sunday afternoon on which your parents used to listen to their favorites. The Stones, some Beatles, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson or Queen. All those big artist shared their feelings and emotions with you on vinyl. And that was in those old years. Putting the needle back on an album or adjusting cartridge is still alive and kicking. The snoring of the platter is for sure not gone. There is even a revival of this way of experiencing music and moments.

New Music on Vinyl

Not only the old artist love this music carrier. Nowadays more and more artist produce their music again on this medium. The big album covers are an extra way for expression of art and inspiration, covered with big photo’s and fat lines of text. Instead of uploading the track on YouTube, singers found out again that both the music and the emotion connect better on a real physical album. The newest from DeadMouse,  Amy Winehouse with “Back to Black” and Beyonce are all produced on this the old fashioned way again. Both Hipsters and conservatives already discovered that vinyl is back, and is here to stay. Dust off the old collection.

Some of the Best Music on Vinyl

Amy Winehouse-Back to Black
This is a classical piece. The combination of a raw voice and jazzy music makes a high quality soul album. Back to Black from Amy Winehouse is a masterstroke of Jazz-crossover. With being both retro and timeless. Enough is said about the alcohol and other abuse that led to such dramatic actions. In this album the artist is going back tot roots of soul, producing a collection that combines razorsharp singing with textbook 60s  swing. Epic songs as “Rehab” and “Me and mr. Jones” continue to dominate hit list and download bestselling positions. This piece is the collection of real emotional experiences of a young women. There will be nobody in your room be untouched when playing her songs from this album.

Bob Marley-Legend

Mr. Reggae cannot be left out in a list like this. With inspiring millions of people with his songs about love and piece, this artist is a true hero figure. But not only the lyrics he used and the situations he was singing about were legendary. A big part comes from the beauty of the music. With producing With over 600 5 star reviews on Amazon there is no doubt, this music did affect people and did bring some change.

Daft Punk-Random Access Memories

Modern style meets old technology. With a proven concept as the LP, Daft Punk has broad his Random Access Memories to a whole new audience. These artists not only experiences with music but also with style. And such an iconic modern artist, bringing his songs on old school LP’s does show his love for the characteristics sound. The music is a love story to the 70s, the discovery of the roots of house music. Not only did listeners provide this with over a 1000th(!) 5* reviews, also the producers themselves call this “giving live back to music”. This particular back to the roots album has provided them with numerous extra fans and had brought them an iconic status. Not bad for a Frenchy..

You know how to Listening to music from vinyl is not only about the sound, but also the looks of the instrument are important. Very important. With more and more old fashioned copies on the market there is really some choice, vintage is making a big comeback. Most of the big brands also produce  one (or mostly even more) vintage devices. That is giving you as someone with style two options.

-You can buy a second handed item

– You can also buy a model with new technology but old-fashioned looks

With all the trust-able and reasonable priced new vintage models, we are going for the the second option.  We list here some top models with there cons and pro’s. With these items you are sure that will have that characteristic vinyl sound, modern technology but that vintage look.Nostalgic Crosley model

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