thanks for looking at my page! My name is John Bever and I run the site here.

This is me:

Its John!

I started this site because I really like the vintage vinyl sound. My aim is to deliver the ULTIMATE resource for anybody that would like to discover more about record players.

There are so many different types of turntables that finding the right is not always easy. Depending on your style and taste, your preferences may differ. This site assist you in making the right choices. If you are into classic or a Metal head, we’ ve got your covered!

Me and my turntables, the start

Being now quite close to 30, I’m almost interested in record players for 9 years. When 1st turntableleaving my parents house for my study, I was looking for stuff to put in my room. And my parents’ turntable (that was gathering dust at the loft) looked like a nice thing to put in my room.

in short, I put the player on a desk and did not use it for months. So, I replaced it just to gather dust at a different location 🙂


But a friend who was visiting asked me if the player was still working. So, the next time my parents visited me I asked them to bring their old records. And from that moment, I was hooked. It was a thrill to not only discover the old music, but even more discovering music on vinyl. My parents turntable being a quite humble and basic record player, I replaced it for a more complicated turntable witch had some better features for fine tuning and looked much better.

2 record playerIt was remarkable how many people were interested. Literally almost every visitor made a remark about my musical instrument and/or vinyl collection. Many evenings were spend with showing how to adjust the stylus, arm etc.

It turned out that the turntable was not only a great way to really experience music, but also a real eye catcher.



John Bever