Choose the Best Record Player Stand

best record player StandWhen you are the proud owner of a great record player, you do want to give it a place were it does fit just right. We have reviewed a lot of record players at this site, but you do not only want the right player, you also want to give your instrument a proper place. With on one side the old school, vintage record player  making a huge comeback. And on the other side the futuristic and modern turntable also becoming popular, there is room for the finishing touch when it comes to placing the record player on the best record player stand.


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A good stand that support both the the looks and sound of a record player does really add value to both the player and the room.

So, a vintage record player in a room with heavy oak furniture and a futuristic turntable in a more modern chamber. But then there is more to decide. Where to place it on? Their are some bigger models, like the..,  which do not need to be placed upon a table or desk. But a lot of the regular types and suitcase models needs to put on something.

A great fit can be made with a record player stand. These cabinets or tables are specifically designed to support a turntable. There are all kinds of sizes and types of these stands, varying from a small table to complete cabinets were you can also store your record collection or some spare parts. Al the big brands have their own collection of stands in a variety of price and appearance.

We do really love the return of the turntable and would like to facilitate as much as we can for this renaissance. Below are review what we think are the finest models for you vinyl lovers.

Here are our recommendations for the best old school record player stands!

Crosley Bardstown Entertainment Center Stand

We have reviewed a lot of Crosley products on this site. And we do generally enjoy them, like most of you vinyl guys do as well. To start, let’s look at the price. Not always is the higher priced item the best quality, but this one is for sure on the top off the market. For around a 100 bucks, you do get a stand that will fit nice with the more classic record player. With the seize being 16 x 20 x 25 inches  and a weight of 31 pounds, this stand can support both the small and medium sized record players. Inside there is room for over 4 dozens of records. With two color options (cherry and paprika) you can fine tune it with your preferences. Crosley self suggest combining it with one of the phonographs they provide, by looking at the reviews on Amazon this is a popular choice. The combination of solid support and great looks will give some extra fling to your record player.

Crosley Danville Entertainment Center Stand

Crosley Danville Entertainment Center Stand

This record player stand is a little more basic compared to the Bardstown. But it does have the solid Crosley construction. The cherry (or oak) finished hardwood and veneer construction nicely complements vintage electronics. With space for over a 100 records, you can store a substantial part of you old collectible vinyl records nicely visible and close to the turntable. The 4 wire-rack-style makes sure your records are supported when placed on the stand. It measures 18.5 x 23.75 x 15 inches (W x H x D) and can thereby handle both a small and medium size record player. With a 4.7 star review, Amazon customers are really pleased with their purchase with the “not cheap look” and the great match with a record player. Combine this with the easiness of putting it together and the price of just over $40 and it is hard to be disappointed when ordered.

Crosley Radio ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center Stand

Crosley Radio ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center Stand


This third stand Crosley record player stand has a bit of a different look. The round and slim legs give this stand an more elegant look. Ideal for a more stylish turntable. For a price around $60 you get a hand crafted hard wood stand. The wooden shelf with wire supports over 50 records. Reviewers on Amazon praise the nice looks and and nostalgic factor that is adds to the turntable. You can not fit a big turntable on this stand, but with a old fashioned record player or phonographs it will make a great fit.