How To Store Your Vinyl Records

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

vinyl record storage

record cases

When being the proud owner of not only a record player but also being in possession of some nice albums, you want to store your vinyl records safely.

Not only can the LP’s be damaged by sun or toppled cups of coffee, good storage can also prevent your records from inflecting and bending. And last but not least, decent storage will allow you to gather your records properly, without a big pile of vinyl under your stand. Giving you the chance for both finding your records easily and maintaining a neatly house.

What are the options for vinyl record storage

You can go for storage cases, the cases are capable of handling around 20-50 albums and are available in many styles, colors and seizes.  You can also go for a record crate/shelf, these can hold around the same amount of records. And for people in need for bigger storage, there is the record cabinet or storage system. Because there are so many choices, we decided to list the most popular items in a table.

Deciding witch option is fit for you

When in need of storage for your LP’s, there are multiple options. Therefor these questions can help you decide which is fit for you.

  • Transport: Is your collection in need of transport, maybe in your house or to some friends? In that case you might consider a record storage case, these a fit for easy transport.
  • Collection size: This is one of the main concerns, how many records do you haven? With  a case capable of handling up to 40 records and a case being a match for 20-80 albums these two are the smaller options. With a collection of over 100 records, you need to aim for multiple crates/cases or a cabinet or rack. Both a rack and a cabinet can be found with room for hundreds of albums.
  • Attention: Is your collection your prime piece, then it might be good for you to show your collection. In a box or crate the records may have lesser notice. A cabinet or a storage rack that can be placed on the wall is an option that will provide more glances.
  • Style: When aiming for a particular style, you have lots of options. Both crates and cases are supplied in many styles. The same goes for cabinets and racks. When you go for a specific style and atmosphere, all options are open.

Pros and cons of storage casesmodern record case

cases for LPStorage cases are an easy fit for your room. Because the easy format and broad range of styles, you will always be able to integrate them in your room. With a capacity of 20-60 records, someone with a starting collection can hold all his/hers albums in one case.  Also interesting is the price, which is usually under 30 dollars.

Finally a case is great for transport, both the weight and size make is easy to move. More modern cases are therefor used by DJ’s.


The Storage Crate

lp crateMuch of what hat been said for the cases is also true for record crates; lots of sizes and styles. Mostly crates do have a bit more body and therefore are more present in the room and taking a bit more space. Many models are made of wood, making them a perfect vintage item.  But they are heavier compared to crates, making them less fit for transport.


A record storage Rack/Shelf or Cabinetcabinet

crosley storage for lpThis is one option that can be suited for a bigger collection. Although there are also racks suited for smaller collections. Up to 500 albums can be stored in a decent sized cabinet. Of course these will take some space. This is giving you the opportunity to really use your vinyl collection to catch some eyes. Racks can be hang on a wall, cabinets can be placed in corners or against the wall.


A record player stand as storagerecord player Stand


Also, stands designed for holding you player can hold some albums. These stands go nicely with the style of your instrument. Up to 50 LP’s can be stored in these items. This is giving you the opportunity to integrate your collection and hold everything together.


Review of the top 5 items

This will not be an in dept review like we do for the musical instruments themselves. We simple say what is good about them and what good be better.


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