Review of Crosley CR42C-PA Lancaster Musician Entertainment Center

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Crosley CR42C-PA Lancaster

Pros: Beautiful design with solid woodwork, capable of playing CD, Cassette,  USB/MP3 and FM radio. The quality of the sound is satisfying. Enough volume to fill the room.

Cons: Does sometimes stop before the end of the record is reached. No weight control on the stylus, so it is hard to balance the needle.

If you have been browsing our site, you know that we particular do love the more retro styled record players. That is also the main reason for reviewing this model, we could not resist the old school design. So let us start with that:

Crosley CR42C-PA Lancaster closedStyle and design

The number one reason why one would be attracted to this item. The wooden chest is looking solid and dark, paprika red with a nice wood grain. Striking is also the big and impressive bras plate that contains the switches and analog display. With the CD player integrated in the design and the cassette player on the side, it is clear that the main purpose for this item is vinyl. This model is clearly more vintage than modern turntables and therefore not aiming for dj’s but home owners that want to add some classis items to their room.

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The speakers go nicely with the wooden cave and the display as a impressive open face grill work, making the whole item smoothly balanced. When closed, the model is less clear recognized as a vinyl player. It is still looking vintage though and for sure worthy of a view. The rear view is not that impressive, making it wise to place the model with the back out of side. The player is named after the Lancaster Pennsylvania, the oldest inland U.S. city. The architectural heritage of this city has been the inspiration for this model.

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Sound quality and volume

  • The sound is decent, quite good for an item in this price range (only one hundred bucks, making this a steal). Do notice that this model is not designed for parties and big beats.[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00AAJR7IY” key=”wide-light” locale=”US” tag=”vinyllove-20″]
  • The job of bringing atmosphere in a room with guests or visitors is however what it can and will do. If you need more sound you can hook up external speakers (jacks) for more volume.

Recording and other features

An interesting extra feature is the MP3 function. With nowadays more and more common on turntables, this feature is a nice extra but not something exclusive anymore. It still is however a nice extra, giving you the ability to also listen your Ipod or MP3-player music on the Crosley player.

With the player also equiped for both CD and Cassette this model is a whole Entertainment center. When you also take the FM Radio in account, one could say that this item is pretty all-round.

With which players should you compare this model

With the design being the most prominent characteristic, other retro models can be a competitor for this item. If you consider this Crosley, other models with similar price and design are the Aviater and the Nostalgia:

victoria vinyl record player


Electrohome nostalgia

Electrohome Nostalgia

Aviator Wooden Music Center

The Crosley Aviater

Other customers about this product

As is said in the pro/con session, the model is beautiful designed and has a nostalgic vintage character. In customers reviews this is clearly the main reason for buying. With the decent sound quality and extra features, most customers are happy with their purchase. Giving it just under four stars. One point that is brought up, is that the stylus could be better balanced, therefor the owner has to pay attention that the LP itself will not wear out.

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One of the comments on amazon that made us smile was posted by Jennifer: “Buying this record player was truly a turn of events in our household. My daughter is usually the one who is technologically gifted. She programs all of our dvd players, cell phones, you name it. But when she opened the record player, she asked, “Daddy, how do you work this?

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The overall conclusion from customers was the same as our impression; a decent quality item with the most attractive feature being the retro design.


Yes you would be happy with the Crosley CR42C-PA Lancaster Musician Entertainment Center if you aim for a old school and nostalgic player. The model will provide both the classic looks and the vinyl sound that such an item should supply. This model is not designed for the excellent sound experience, for the price however the sound is quite okay. Features as the MP3 and Radio function make this device all round and well equipped. When you aim for superb sound quality it is better to check out the Audio Technica AT LP120.[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00AAJR7IY” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”vinyllove-20″]

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