Produce Your Own Vinyl

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

production of lp


Vinyl is back on track. With the old school music carrier back on the radar of young and hip people, the tuntable is on a rise again. With increasing sales and production of music on lp, the vinyl business is flourishing. Also artist have discovered the nostalgic instruments again, lots of album are released again on lp. Giving artist a change to create once again those iconic album covers.

Back from history: The Record Player

So, a product that had a market share of less than 0,1% is on the way back.Lots of  the production facilities have therefor been disabled.  Therefor new production factories are build, in order to supply hipsters and nostalgics.

Creating a vinyl LP

The process of creating a vinyl record however, have not been changed for over 40 year. The basis is still a vinyl plate in which grooves are cut.

In this video is explained how this process works:

Make your own vinyl recordings

But would it not be great to create your own lp’s? Your sound on classic vinyl.

The process of listening from a turntable can be reversed engineered. Instead of making the needle vibrate by the grooves and than transfer these vibration to a membrane which will transform the vibrations into sound (vibrating air), you could reverse this process. Thus, let a membrane vibrate by vibrating air (sound) transfer these vibrations to a needle and carve the vibrations into a vinyl plate.

In this video is explained how this can be done in your own house:

Building your own vinyl player

It is possible to not only make your on lp’s, you can even build your own player. The key is to let a needle vibrate by the grooves, this vibration then needs to be amplified to the air will also vibrate, making sound:

One step further, a record player without electricity

Technically, electricity is not needed for an record player. The vibrations need to be amplified, this can also be done on an other way. For instance with a horn. In the next video, the turntable is operating completely without electricity:


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