Review of the Pyle PPTCM80BTBR Turntable

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Discover The Smoothest Quality Of Sound With The Pyle PPTCM80BTBR Turntable

One new model in a long line of History

Turntables have a long and rich history in the music industry. The technology dates back in 1877 when Thomas Edison developed the first phonograph, that featured strips tied around the rotary cylinder. Over the years, the sound system has seen tremendous innovations that have significantly improved the performance and usability. 

What you enjoy in the modern turntables are features that came to being at varying moments. With such a great history, it is an intricate and popular device indeed for the modern music industry.

A close look at the Pyle PPTCM80BTBR gives a real picture of how the ancient technology blended into the modern era. While the device provides great sound effects in the modern genres, you will be surprised to know that it did great in the 40’s and 50’s. Most deejays prefer using accurate models of turntables based on their training and the market trends. Nonetheless, others are keen to exploit the incoming brands in search for better performance.

Pyle is in this market since your grandparents start listening music, an now brings with this model some old school design with modern sound quality.

Product Introduction

At a first glance, this turntable immediately radiates solidity. People who have their first look and feel experience with this stereo remark how sturdy and solidly assembled it is. The hinges are sturdy and they don’t feel like they are easily broken. The buttons are well labeled and nicely laid out and the dials are smooth and sure.

The wooden cabinet is combined with a black PVC front display, and solid aluminum knobs.

The Pyle PPTCM80BTBR turntable

The sound quality from the speakers is amazing for a this model, 10 watt stereo. It is clear and full. We do recommend to activate the “bass” button for maximum joy. Deactivated it can become a bit hollow and there are less low end frequencies. One can connect a sub-woofer to maximize the sound, because some songs just sound better with deep bass. It is not a requisite, however.

The fm antenna picked up local signals just fine. The Retro Pyle is very easy to setup, just connect the 2 speakers to the back of the system. There is a function button, that switches between various input sources. When you select the BT (Bluetooth) function, you will be able to pair your phone to the system. Just hit the pair button on the system or the remote.

Features and Specifications

The vintage sound system blends the ancient classic music playing style with contemporary technology to give a superior sound effect. Unlike the previous versions, you can now save all your tracks into the MP3 digital file and share with family members and friends.

Some of the features included in these new devices include:

  • A vintage model with highly precise sound system that gives higher clarity.
  • Double bookshelf stereo system, fitted with a Bluetooth device that allows you to stream tracks. from portable devices such as Androids, iPads, iPhones, tablets and smartphones among others.
  • A (3) speed turntable that offers selectable playback ability of 33, 45 or 75 RPMs.
  • The Aux (3.5 mm) input jack, USB and SD card readers allow you to connect your system to external devices such as computers and hard disks.
  • The single front-loading CD player, built-in stereo speakers, the RCA output- vinyl to MP3. recording allows you to save and transfer files in and out of the gadget. The elegantly designed vintage cabinet, which offers sufficient cover to the system, while adding flare to the room.

Built in Bluetooth system

In the wake of new technology, it is possible to stream music from other devices without connecting to the turntable. Pyle PPTCM80BTBR turntable comes with a built-in Bluetooth system live wireless that facilitates streaming with compatible gadgets. You need not fill your room with long cables as you can catch all your favorite tunes quickly.

Universal input system

While the system connects to almost all sorts of music players, the ability to connect with other devices makes it flexible for use in different areas. Enjoy your favorite collection from the SD memory cards, CDs and Flash disks. The input jack helps you connect the Pyle classic vintage player with external devices such as computers. When it comes to genres, you can sit back as you enjoy both new and older music formats. The vinyl to MP3 function helps you save files and send to other users.


  • The ability to accommodate all Bluetooth compatible devices.
  • Easy to use for new users
  • Affordable


  • It does not connect to Bluetooth headphones, but you can connect to extra speakers.


Customer Reviews and ScoresThe Pyle PPTCM80BTBR turntable front

Having hit the ground with a bang, the sound system has over 55 customer reviews on Amazon and 36 queries from past customers and potential buyers. Most of them being very positive.

After using for some time, some customers have raised concerns about the record player’s skipping problems. Unknown to them is that the new record is the source of these challenges. By playing the files repeatedly, the problem disappears.

Price & Conclusion

This is a turntable in the $$$ price range. Check the actual price on here. New ones or second hand copies are around the middle of this price range. It is definitely value for money.

With its solid cabinet, the stylish overall control and the sound quality this device is an easy match for many more high-end stereo systems of the same size.

People’s who purchased this systems tell it is worth the investment. With numerous interfaces, you can play the tracks from almost all types of storage devices. Just connect the two speakers from the rear side and get down to your party, as you switch between the input sources.

When it comes to sound clarity, I am yet to find a match for the Pyle PPTCM80BTBR turntable.

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