Review: Pyle PTCD56UBGR Record Player Stereo System!

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Pros:  This is a wholesome product with several modern specifications wrapped in a classic vintage look. The stereo system is user friendly and can be easily operated by all the members of the family. The remote control offers the utmost convenience. This comprehensively featured and impressive looking stereo system offers a good value for money.

Cons: It needs regular maintenance to upkeep its efficiency. Luckily there are a variety of vinyl record cleaning kits available in the market.

Enjoy You Favorite Music When Modern Technology Blends With The Classic Styled Pyle PTCD56UBGR

Melodious music is soothing to heart. It helps the mind to relax and unwind by pacifying the ongoing tensions and worries. Listening to the favorite band playing is my best way to end the hectic day. It makes me calm and re-energized to take up my evening chores. I feel, it is necessary to listen to good songs and bands to keep up a good mental and physical health.

But it will only help when the music system it is played upon is of premium quality. Poor quality stereo system damages the soul of music thus making it a noisy unpleasant sound. So, if you are a music lover like me, a high quality stereo system is a must for you! So let us take a good look at the Pyle PTCD56UBGR Record Player Stereo System!


An inside view at the PYLE PTCD56UBGR

The Pyle PTCD56UBGR Record Player Stereo System is the ultimate piece of gadget liked by many users. The latest technology is seamlessly integrated in the vintage style retro design to create this music system.

This amazing product features all the cutting edge functions along with old style record playing functionality. It simply means, you can uninterruptedly enjoy the classic records without missing the latest musical launches. This Record player from Pyle is elegantly classic in its looks. It is intricately designed as a replica of the olden times record player. It gives a classy look to the room it is placed in!

This sound system is well versed with the modern technology. It has powerful built -in stereo speakers of full range which makes the system apt to be used for parties and family functions. You will never miss a beat when playing your favorite band on this stereo.

Its easy connectivity via Bluetooth, USB Flash Reader and wireless audio streaming capability makes the device easily compatible with other systems as well. It means, you can stream your favorite song from your mobile or tablet or even television to the Pyle Record Player Stereo System and can enjoy it to the fullest.

Its compatible interface makes it work effortlessly with most of the mobile computing devices such as laptops, smartphones, iPads and even desktops. It has all the features we seek for in an ideal music system.

This is an ideal piece of technology for the people like me who are not very comfortable in scrolling and selecting music from varied devices as it allows me to play my favorite CD and plug in to the popular AM/FM Radio channels as well.

With its Aux (3.5 mm) feature, it can also be connected directly with the television hence producing an uncompromised sound quality. This stereo system comes with a remote control thus making its usage convenient. It is sure to make the room it is housed in, very rich in high quality stereo sounds.

The speed Vinyl Turntable features a decent 45 and 78 RPM thus making the device more efficient than its previous versions. It comes with three speed selection options thus enabling me to play all the records effortlessly.  The gadget also facilitates saving and sharing of the music files along with supporting MP3 recording, thus making it comprehensive in all metrics. Furthermore, I can stack up my collection of old music nicely in the spacious yet compact digital library in it.

Listening to the contemporary band on this antique styled record playing system is a unique experience. Housed in a box like cabinet, the device though is portable but should better be placed at one allocated place in the room.

Features And Specifications

  • Modern Technology blended with the classic retro styled Turntable Sound System
  • Beautiful design with the latest technology embedded in a classic vintage body
  • The Full Range Stereo Speakers are built -in
  • The device can be easily connected via Bluetooth, USB flash reader
  • Supports wireless audio streaming ability.


  • Highly compatible with all the mobile devices such as iPhone, Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, Cand Android phones.
  • Features three speed options; 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM respectively. Allows all kind of records to be played on it seamlessly.
  • Features AM/FM Radio
  • Inputs: Aux (3.5mm), CD player
  • Easily save, share music files with friends and family

Beautiful design with latest technology

Pyle Record Player Stereo System is an outstanding example of high end technology fused with eye pleasing design. There are a number of premium quality stereo systems available in market. However, just a few like Pyle Record Player offer a comprehensive set of functionalities.

The device is loaded with all new features and latest functionalities yet has housed the traditional ways of playing music safely within it. It is a perfect music player system that will be loved by all the family members. Whether playing Jazz or a melodious symphony, the end result will indeed be mesmerizing.


An addition to your interior

Pyle Record Player Stereo System is highly impressive in its looks along with its functionality. Unlike any other stereo system, this piece of art is designed to be enjoyed even when not in use! The record player gives the impression of an expensive antique brought from an exotic era. It adds to the grandeur of the room. Its sturdy yet elegant looking body painted in Grey-wood colour attracts every eye.


  • Pyle Record Player Stereo System is a wholesome product that features built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming, built-in speakers, supports inputs from CD, Cassette, AM/FM and USB.
  • The stereo system is user friendly. It can be easily operated by all the members of the family. The remote control offers the utmost convenience.
  • This comprehensively featured and impressive looking stereo system offers a good value for money.


Pyle Record Player Stereo System needs regular maintenance to upkeep its efficiency. The record surface of the system may get spoiled because of excessive dust exposure. The cleaning of the system regularly is imperative. However, the record surface should be cleaned using a very soft cloth as it can get scratched and damaged very easily.

There are a variety of vinyl record cleaning kits available in the market. These kits are easy, carry all the necessary things required for cleaning the gadget and are safe to use. They are meant to remove all the foreign elements from the grooves and helps in maintaining the product effortlessly.

Customers Reviews And Scores

Pyle Record Player Stereo System is eventually getting popular. On Amazon itself, the product has earned around 65 reviews. The product has scored an overall decent stars rating. However, according to some users, the bass output of the system doesn’t score high.

It is not as good as other music systems available in the market. But this problem can be easily rectified using an additional pair of external speakers which can get easily attached to the system.

And what about the Price?

Pyle Record Player Stereo System is available on in the $$$ price range. Check the actual price on here. It is decently priced for the amazing features it offers. There are many other stereo systems available in this category that appear cheaper than this product as they offer limited functionalities.


Pyle Vintage Bluetooth Turntable Speaker System offers a lot at a reasonable cost. It is a onetime investment that will keep you and your family entertained for many years. You can introduce many old musical classics to your children while enjoying their kind of music as well. Pyle Vintage Bluetooth Turntable Speaker System is indeed a winner product in its category.

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