Review: Crosley CR6230A-TU Snap

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Pro’s: A Vinyl-Record player disguised as a suitcase! We are enchanted by the design! Accompanied by a pair of semi-external speakers, this portable player will turn up the party anywhere you go.

Con’s: The mat sometimes warp, and needs some keep up. After a while it needs to be replaced.


Crosley CR6230A TU


Go Around With Crosley CR6230A-TU Snap Portable USB Turntable

Do you love that wonderful, old-timey sound of vinyl records? Do you love the look and feel of the record themselves? How about carrying your music anywhere you go, playing your records on the beach, during camping trips or just taking your favorite sound system to a friend’s house?

Then the Crosley CR6230A-TU is the perfect product for you. It has the best of both worlds, giving you the ability to play your favorite record anywhere you go with modern sound quality and with old-fashioned style.

The design of this Crosley model is truly unique. When packed, it looks like a regular briefcase. However, when you open it, the real magic begins. In the center of the Crosley, you have a turntable box which is wonderfully vinyl-wrapped.

On the sides, connected by brass clamps when packed, are two turquoise colored speakers. Stylish and compact, it is a beautiful example of combining style with practicality. Also, worth noting is that on the bottom of the turntable box and the speakers (or rather on one side of the briefcase) there are 6 “feet” which help keep the whole setup stable.

The sound, however, is quite exceptional. While still keeping that scratchy feel of all vinyl records, the dynamic full range speakers are amazing, being clear on all musical sound ranges and are able to fill a room with music. The product itself is sturdy, the clamps and connectors that join the many foldable parts being quite strong.

The outer lining of the Crosley seems durable, and the electronics inside are very good, and can last for years. The mechanism of the turntable is belt driven and can play three speeds – 3 3 1/3, 78, and 45 RPM records.

Perhaps the greatest element of the Crosley is it’s the usability. This Crosley model has an auxiliary input, an RCA output, and a headphone jack. It also can be connected to any Mac or a PC that has Windows on it.

Another point of just how this product represents both worlds, giving you the option to either listen to vintage vinyl or to connect to your computer and listen to anything modern. If you want, you can plug in your headphones and listen to your records privately. Another amazing element is the fact that you can actually rip the audio content you want and create your own mp3s.

Features and specifications:

  • The product measures 23x14x7 inches, packed as briefcase
  • The product weighs 15,2 pounds (6,8 kg)
  • Dynamic full range stereo speakers.
  • Belt-driven turntable mechanism plays 3 speeds: 33 1/3, 78, and 45 RPM records
  • Brass snaps closure with fold-out, dynamic full range speakers
  • Includes software suite for ripping and editing audio content to create your own MP3s
  • USB enabled for connection to Windows-equipped PCs and Mac
  • Diamond stylus needle
  • Auxiliary input, headphone jack, and RCA output


This nifty product can be defined by this one word – versatility. Yes, you can carry it wherever you want to go, which is an amazing addition, but there are so many others. First of all, the turntable mechanism has three speeds and plays three types of records, giving you many options.

Second, you can carry your laptop with you and hook it up to the turntable, utilizing the speakers- thus, you’re not even reliant on the records themselves!

You can also just plug in your headphones and relax, without fear of over sensitive and over aggressive neighbors. Finally, it even contains software with which you can edit your music and audio, and create something new and exciting, all on the go!

Music on the go

If you are the type of person who cannot go a day without his records, when you buy this Crosley, there is nothing stopping you. You can go out to your favorite spot with your favorite friends, carry this very light turntable and just play whatever you want. You can carry it on road trips, the beach, camping or just to the house of a friend who doesn’t own a vinyl record player, but loves this type of sound nonetheless.

The two speakers attached to the turntable will guarantee your music will be heard and enjoyed anywhere you go. If you are a citizen of the world and you like to travel, you can take this with you – the Crosley will make long train rides very short. If you are worried about annoying other travelers, just plug in your headphones into the Crosley and doze off.


  • Portable
  • Unique design
  • Versatility


  • The mat is not as durable as the rest of the product*

*Notes: While the whole setup quite sturdy, some people claim that the mat tends to warp after long periods of use. We suggest you not spend whole days playing music, and to take care of your turntable. If the mat does warp, this is a liability that adds up to around 20 dollars every 6 months for a new one, and the trouble of actually replacing the mat.


Customer Reviews and Scores

The Crosley CR6230A has received very positive reviews on Amazon. It has an average of 4.1 stars out of 5, based on 16 customer reviews. At the time of the writing of this article, out of these 16 reviews, 9 gave it a perfect 5-out-of-5 score, while only one person gave it a minimum of 1.

Those who were satisfied with this product emphasized how good the design is, as well as the quality of the sound. Many are enamored with the looks of the product.

Some are not as satisfied with the loudness of the sound, while the one person claims its durability is not up to par. This problem is easily fixed – when the mat breaks down.


The Crosley CR6230A-TU Snap Portable Turntable is available in the $$$ price range (plus free shipping by amazon). Check the actual price on here. The price for this kind of product is amazing. While it does cost more than most of the products of its kind, it has several advantages that make it well worth the money.

The biggest and most obvious one is- the speakers. For a couple of dollars more, you get two speakers for free, which provide excellent loudness and sound quality. Also, very few Portable turntables provide the ability to rip your favorite music.

Let’s not forget how flexible it is, providing you with many ports and jacks for all your needs. Lastly, the design is gorgeous and unique, possessing a vintage feel and giving you the ability to carry it with you, wherever you go.


Overall, this is a top-notch product worthy of your attention. It will keep you entertained and happy everywhere you go. No matter what kind of person you are – a guy who loves making parties for his friends, a girl who just wants to be alone in nature and listen to music, this product is perfect for you.

All you need are your vinyl records, a place where you can be you and to just relax and listen to some high-quality old-time sound, on a high-quality product, to some good quality music.

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