Review of the Crosley Record Cleaning Kit

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

When it is time to clean your old records..

When after time dust and dirty fingerprints gather on vinyl records, you have to clean them and remove the dirt. For the removing of the dust you can simply use a piece of tissue and wipe it of. But when you want to clean it more thorough  you want to use a brush that really enters the grooves of the record and maybe even add some cleaning fluid. There are some brushes and fluids on the market and most of them do clean the record rather well.

There are however big differences in durability and quality of the soapy fluid and brushes. The most important aspect of the brush is to reach deep in the grooves. The fluid should not damage the vinyl.


The Crosley Record Cleaning Kit

Crosley has brought this product on the market over 10 years ago and is still selling it in the same format. That attracts some attention, when something is for sell that long, there must be something good with it. And on top of that, we all know that Crosley knows how to handle their vinyl. It is hard to find another manufacturer that time after time produces this high quality. The same goes for this cleaning kit.

The brush

The brush is not made from the cheap corduroy that most of the other brands has switched to. The design is simple, it feels solid and looks a bit sober. When using the brush it easily reaches the dept of the grooves with little pressure. Nothing fancy, just a good old working piece that does the job. Even with piles of records there is no problem, just knock out the dust and you can continue another series of vinyl.

The fluid

When not only dust is gathered but also some fingerprints or even worse. You might want to consider the cleaning fluid. The fluid is mostly distillate water, so no damage on the vinyl due to chemicals. The fluid is good enough to remove fingerprints an makes the records glans again.


This is a product like Crosley sold in the ’70. Same formula, same materials, same quality. And they are right. This kit does the job better than any new carbon brush. When thinking of getting into vinyl or dust off your old albums, one of these little kits makes sure your collection will be up to task of bringing old-fashioned sound to your house.

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