Review of Crosley C10A-MA Hardwood Turntable

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Pros: Two things makes this record player worth its value. The sound is superb and the design is great. Crosley is aiming for the audio enthusiastic with this one. And it does a great job with that. Whit this sound quality, Crosley can take on the big guys.

Cons: This all comes with a price. With over $300 this turntable is one of the more high end models. With one user reporting a broken copy, that should not happen with a model in this price range.

Review of Crosley C10A-MA Hardwood Turntable with Low Vibration Synchronous Motor

“With an extensive research on which turntable deserves my money, I finally decided to go ahead with Crosley C10A-MA hardwood turntable. With its user friendly directions, awesome sound quality and the antique yet compact design, my decision is definitely not regretted for even a moment”.

Why a Turntable?

Turntables are just not antique recording technology, but are also one of the best till date. If music was all about being loud, then any amplifier would have done the job. But when it comes to the depth and capturing the variants of music, turntables (vinyl) still do a way better job than the HD tracks which are available online.

That being said, to get the best out of a turntable, proper set up and installation add up to be the most important factors. This process has been made very easy in this version of the Crosley turntable.

Why Crosley C10A-MA?

This product of Crosley usually falls in the ‘high end’ version of turntables, and the hardwood definitely stands out with its classy look. This comes in 2 colours, Mahogany and Natural, both while retaining the antique design, also looks way better than the usual plastic/fibre finish.

The sound quality remains the best, especially since the output maintains the resonance and is as well harmonious. This edition’s low vibration synchronous motor helps in retaining the consonance of any music. The underneath hardwood helps in retaining the shocks, thereby offering further reduction in vibrations. The 2 speed options, 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, are sufficient enough to play the majority of the vinyl records.

Setting up the Crosley C10A-MA is quite simple and undemanding. This being a belt drive system, all it takes to set up is set the belt and the platter, and attach the anti-skate and tonearm weights. This is important since it helps the stylus to devotedly follow the intended grooves. In other words, it helps in getting you the best performance without skipping any part of the record.

Features and Specifications


The C10’s base is made from a solid, audio-grade MDF plinth, which comes in 2 different colours. This is a 3-point foot system which helps in minimizing the wobbling by absorbing the vibrations. It also acts as an isolator that separates the turntable from shelf vibrations.

Features Crosley Turntable C10 Hardwood

Platter and Motor

The belt drive also helps in decreasing the vibrations caused by the motor, since the motor would be right below the arm. The platter also decouples from the motor which helps the user to easily access the belt drive. This eases the process of cleaning and fine-tuning to further reduce vibrations.

Pro-Ject Tone Arm and Cartridge

The C10 features an 8.6 inch manual return aluminium Pro-Ject tone arm. The aluminium tone arm not only adds on to the design, but is also durable. This tone arm also comes with sapphire bearings and Ortofon OM5e cartridge installed and aligned at the factory. The manual return helps in reducing the clicks and pops on the vinyl. The phono cartridge can be replaced to customize the listening experience. This also means that there are fewer moving parts, causing least amount of noise, compared to the automatic tonearms.

Why Low Vibration Synchronous Motor Matters?

While purchasing any turntable, one major issue which needs to be concentrated is that how efficient the product is, in reducing the vibrations and shocks. Turntables usually come in 2 different models, direct drive and belt-driven motors. In a direct drive model, the motor is located directly below the platter and this controls the rotations. But in a belt driven model like the C10, the motor is set away from the platter and connected with a belt. While both of these models has its advantages, the belt models helps in reducing a lot of potential vibrations, which might interfere in the sound quality. In the case of C10, Crosley have extended their sound engineering to the next level by providing the low synchronous motor.

Although any major vibrations are addressed to, in most of the models, this particular product deals in further decreasing any minute vibration caused by the motor, intending to extract the best quality of music, without any disturbance.

Does Hardwood really matter in a turntable?

As mentioned earlier, premium turntables are all about reducing the vibrations to the maximum extent and Crosley have made sure to consider every part of the C10 turntable to do so. Crosley’s premium solid audio-grade MDF plinth for the base is definitely a well thought decision. The solid wood is known for its acoustic feature which reduces vibrations by absorbing shocks. Wood also happens to be very durable and environment friendly, on top giving us a very up worthy and classy look. The design team has been successful in hitting a home run with C-10.

Crosley C10A-MA Turntable


  1. Best Sound Quality – The product has succeeded in surpassing most of its competitors in extracting best quality of music.
  2. Preferred by many Audiophiles – The product comes as a promise with Crosley’s decades of expertise in sound engineering and is one of the most preferred turntables by audiophiles from across the globe.
  3. Ease to Use – The art of blending user friendliness and high quality output can be clearly noticed in C-10. From set up to the output, this is one of the easiest turntables to operate, and can is recommended for the first time users as well.
  4. Cost Worthiness – With the final cost ranging about $350, this is definitely a steal deal. C-10 stands to be one of the premium turntables, and can be obtained by not spending top dollars.


The C-10 do not come with an on-board phono pre-amp. Although it would have been great to have had this, it is definitely not a deal breaker, as the suitable pre-amps are easily available on amazon. The pre-amp, just needs to be ordered along with the C-10 and then it is good to go!

Reviews on amazon

The very positive ratings on amazon justifies how great this product is, although there are only fewer ratings available for now. This is quite understandable as the product is available on the site only since the past few months.

A reviewer on amazon has mentioned a problem with the motor of their equipment. But with Crosley’s assurance to assist across the U.S, this is something which can easily be over looked at. Further, the manufacturer’s warranty can be easily requested for, while purchasing at amazon, by simply contacting their customer support, thereby feeling secured about the purchase.


Amazon offered the C-10 in the $$$$ price range including the shipping (when purchased). Check the actual price on here. This is the only product which has solid wood as its base and which also offers color options to the buyers. In this price range, this indeed is the best choice. The reviews and ratings only equates the purchase.

The Verdict

All in all, the ‘Crosley C10A-MA Hardwood Turntable with Low Vibration Synchronous Motor’ is the best turntable for both audiophiles and casual listeners. The latest low vibration synchronous motor, solid wood base and aluminum tonearm lead to best output.

The sound quality, design, ease of use are proficient and the price is justified to the last penny.

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