4 Reasons why Vinyl is Cool

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

And Why You Should Start Listening to It!


Okay, we will say it just out loud: Listening to music from vinyl is so much more cool than music from MP3 or a iPod. And we’re bold enough to even give you five reasons for that! If you are a gent, let’s consider that you offer a nice girl to put on a classic vinyl record instead of a popular pop song from a common laptop with speakers. Yeah, that is one impression!


Reason 1: Record Players Look Awesome


Okay just look at this machine, and compare it to an iPod dock.



awesome record player

awesome record player

ipod dock

ipod dock, just boring





Which one would make a better impression in your room when you have some friends coming over and you ask them if they would like some music.


Reason Two: You Can Buy Album Covers


Nowadays you mostly just buy an online album, this might cost $15 and then you put it on a stick or your phone. With the old record plates you get to buy the album covers. The old and vintage (looking) covers with lots of colors and prints. A handful of these record albums on your desk or in a cabinet will give the whole room some atmosphere. And besides that, taking the record out of is cover and thereby seeing the print on it will already bring you in the right mood and increase the music experience.


album stones michael jackson thriller album coveralbum cover prince




Reason Three: The vinyl soundneedle vinyl


Nothing to explain here, the sound from a record player is just more characteristic. Maybe the tones are less clear or the voices less understandable. The experience is much more because of the vinyl touch.




Reason Four: You Will Discover “New Old” Music


record beatles


With a vintage record player in your room, you will start talking about. Or better, people will start talking to you about it. And then there will be some musical advice. Lots of people do have some old records still somewhere hidden under the dust. And before you know you are listening to the iconic albums of Michael Jackson, The Beatles or the Stones again.





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