Fluance High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player Review

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Pro: Well, the biggest pro is really easy to list. The Fluance RT81 is producing superb sound. When aiming for a record player that brings your vinyl to life, this is the model you seek. 80 Percent of the users give is a maximum 5 stars review on Amazon! And that’s what a record player in this price range should get!

Con: The design is quite minimal, this model is not bringing that much of a vintage atmosphere. One would buy it mostly for the sound quality.

Let’s have a look at the Fluance RT81

Vinyl has returned from the verge of extinction to being the most sizzling musical organization around. Regardless of a critical value premium (records can charge a few times what their CD or advanced download equal offers for) records have the powerful blend of offering a genuine wistfulness trip and apparently superior sound.

Fluance is dallying into the audiophile market, first via revealing their Signature Series speaker as with top of the line desires as well as currently with two turntables. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, Fluance needs you to turn vinyl with them plus best of all, they are helping you do it moderately with the RT80 & RT81.

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Built with just premium segments, the high-fidelity, belt driven RT80 & RT81 are said to create an unadulterated analog listening experience that legitimately reproduces artists’ presentations. The RT80 also RT81 play customary LP & EP vinyl collections (33 1/3 or 45 RPM). Whether a client is tidying off a great collection from their parent’s collection or finding vinyl surprisingly with Adele’s 25, Fluance’s fresh turntables will transport them via a shocking venture down the sonic range.

A couple of things you have to think about the Fluance RT81 immediately: it’s an update over the RT80 in two key zones. The first is the cartridge & needle that accompanies it, the respected AT95e from Audiotechnica, which is a decent spending “audiophile” cartridge when contrasted with the more passerby AT91 accessible with the RT80. The RT81 likewise offers a strong wood body to hose vibrations plus reverberation, versus the empty development of its more moderate kin.

Product Introduction

Fluance’s RT81 High Fidelity Turntable plays conventional LP & EP vinyl records with shocking quality that accomplishes the purest sound multiplication.

When you need the most perfectly awesome in music performance, haul out your most loved 33 1/3 or 45 RPM records, connect your sound system, drop the needle, and drench yourself in the Fluance RT81 Record Player.

Find Out for Yourself if this is the Right Model for You

Your spirit will be enthralled by the fresh, recognizing attributes of the music you adore. Premium segments permit this belt driven turntable to create an unadulterated uncompressed listening experience that reproduces the performance the way the artist planned.

Your music will sound better-off when the Audio Technica AT95E stylus rests in the scores of your most loved vinyl record at a sheer 2.0 grams of tracking power. The oblique stylus is eminent for its opportunity from noise as well as distortion, clarity on musical tops, and channel parity.

The walnut finished cabinet is made from strong sound grade (MDF) wood which lessens vibrations to guarantee the stylus giving an ideal sign. Sound segregation feet, an aluminum platter also and an elastic slip rug fundamentally diminish echo, abandoning you with unadulterated stereophonic sound.

  • Absolute Clarity Without Compromising Your Collection

You’ll appreciate each note on account of the adjusted and customizable stabilizer of the S-Type tonearm. The smooth motion of the course inside the tonearm combined with the propelled hostile to skating framework for all intents and purposes touches your record, forestalling scratching plus guaranteeing the stylus is consummately refreshed somewhere down in your record’s groove as marvelously cajoling the music out of your vinyl.

  • Premium Components

Charismatic signal clarity is delivered with a superb Texas Instruments preamp, ground terminal plus gold-plated RCA line yields that guarantee high constancy sound in its most genuine structure.


  • Premium segments permit this high fidelity belt driven turntable to create an immaculate analog listening experience that reproduces the performance the way the artist proposed.
  • Superior AT95E Audio Technica cartridge produces extraordinary clarity. The diamond oblique tipped stylus is intended to track your record grooves with more prominent exactness and precision for superior quality sound.
  • Immaculate playback utilizing the adjusted aluminum S-Type tonearm guarantees the stylus is refreshed somewhere down in your record’s groove, delivering each sound detail vague from the first recording.
  • The excellent walnut finished cabinet is created from strong sound grade (MDF) wood, consolidates isolation feet, an aluminum platter, and an elastic slip rug which results in predominant separation from undesirable vibrations.
  • Charismatic signal clarity is created with a fantastic Texas Instruments preamp, gold-plated RCA line yields and a ground terminal that guarantees warm genuine sound.


  • Speed: 33 1/3 RPM & 45 RPM
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Wow & Flutter: 0.2%
  • Sign To Noise Ratio: 60 dB or Greater
  • Phono Output: 140 mV
  • Stylus: 0.4 × 0.7mil Bonded Elliptical Diamond
  • Drive System: DC motor & belt
  • Measurements: 5.5″ H x 16.5″ W x 13.75″ D
  • Predominant Stylus Makes For A Pure Analog Listening Experience

Your music will sound more affluent when the Audio Technica AT95E stylus rests in the notches of your most loved vinyl record at a negligible 2.0 gms of tracking force. The updated cryptic diamond stylus is prestigious for its opportunity from clamor and mutilation, clarity on musical tops, and channel equalization.

  • Intended For Serious Performance

The walnut completed bureau is created from strong sound grade (MDF) wood which lessens vibrations to guarantee the stylus gives an ideal sign. Sound isolation feet, an aluminum platter as well as an elastic slip tangle fundamentally lessen resonation, abandoning you with immaculate stereophonic sound.


  • Simple to utilize
  • Minimal effort
  • Utilized by pros


Despite the fact that its went for consumers, the RT81 does not have a portion of the elements you’d find on a higher-end turntable, for example, a repeat utility or auto-return for the tone arm once a record has completed the process of playing.

Customer Reviews & Scores

Fluance’s RT81 High Fidelity Turntable is an awesome product which is available on Amazon with an affordable price. Overall 19 customers have provided their reviews as well as 14 answered queries regarding this product which makes an average score of 4.8 out of 5 which is not bad at all. In the view of customers the product is like:

  • The best sounding & best-looking turntable I have EVER owned, bar none
  • Excellent!
  • Sounds as good as it looks
  • From fluance & I must say I am very pleased with its build
  • Absolutely Gorgeous!
  • Simple yet excellent quality
  • This is an excellent turntable. I have used some of the others …
  • Very happy with this turntable!
  • Beautiful & great sound
  • An amazing turntable!

Though one customer assumes that:

  • Beautiful doesn’t make it perfect…

That said, I didn’t return the unit immediately since I had 30 days, and couldn’t get to USPS right away. No promises that this is standard operating procedure for RT81s, but once it’s settled, this turntable is great. If you do have issues or that warble won’t quit, however, it’s good to know that Fluance’s customer service is very helpful.


Fluance needs you to turn vinyl with them and best of all, they are helping you do it reasonably with the RT80, available in the price range of $$$ plus the RT81, which is available in the price range of $$$$,  separately. Check Amazon.com for the actual prices of the RT80 here and the RT81 here.

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The Fluance RT81 turntable is an excellent value, as well as is a product that is perfect for the budding vinyl consumer.

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