Best Crosley Record player

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Best Crosley Record Player

We review the Best Crosley Record Players

Introduction to the Crosley Radio Record Players

The sound that Crosley Record Players make, is the one full of reminiscence. and even the skeptics will find it really hard to disagree with this statement. Even if you wanted to judge their quality objectively, you will most certainly get a positive verdict for some of their models.

Crosley’s old schole style of turntables

The Crosley players are made the old-school way, they began to emerge on the market nearly a century ago, and that speaks volumes about their quality, knowing that they’re still up and running.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran or a high-school kid, the sounds of vinyl records will never grow old or get out of style.

For over a hundred years we’ve been blessed by the sweet melodies that Crosley record players make, enjoying ourselves to the fullest while the vinyl plays. A lot of things speak for their quality. First of all, the brand aged up with time, not against it, implementing the use of modern technology while still remaining true to the core.

Secondly, the name Crosley resounds with the memory of their late inventor, Powel Crosley, inspiring new generations of workers to honor the quality he has delivered to the people worldwide.

If you are asking yourself at any time – “are the Crosley record players any good?” – you could best hear the answer straight from their speakers. So, lets dig into the best Crosley Record Players.

The Top 5 Crosley Models

Crosley Cruiser Review

A perfect combination of tradition that aged as well as wine, the Crosley Cruiser yearns for the place in your home. Bringing warmth and tranquility with each tone, the Cruiser is capable of playing records at three different speeds, designed to suit the needs of all music lovers. 


Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

The best proof that Crosley tradition is honored with the Cruiser is that it comes in many colors and patterns, including the vintage “chalkboard” look. The turntable is portable and belt-driven, equipped with the NP6 needle for concise, perfect tones. The cruiser also comes with dynamic stereo speakers and RCA & headphone outputs. This makes it very easy to enjoy by yourself or with your friends.


Let Mike from Crosley tell you more about it:

It is simply brilliant for the things it was meant to do – help people enjoy music at their home. It is small and portable, and it was not meant to be played at extremely high frequencies. This may be considered its only flaw – that it is useless for higher sound outputs without previously outfitting it with external speakers.

However, it is very affordable, and there’s a great value about it. Personally, I like fast-paced, loud music, often played at high volumes. The Cruiser delivered upon my standards without error, and I strongly recommend it, whatever your taste in music is. From classical music to hard rock, the Cruiser is your player.


  • Vintage design – brings back memories without fail
  • Portable and compact – The Cruiser is small in size and can be carried from place to place with ease
  • Stable – the “suitcase” design gives it great stability


  • A bit pricey compared to standard portable players
  • No USB connectivity

The Crosley Nomad Portable USB Turntable

The Nomad is easily the single most popular model of Crosley players, specifically manufactured to mirror the players that could have been found throughout the homes at the time of late 40’s and early 50’s.

Its design has a very straightforward, simple and absolutely minimalist look, but it hides a secret. It may be the most accomplished record player in the music industry, capable of delivering sound that is so pure that you will feel it in your very soul.

Concerning the details on how it works, it uses a belt mechanism and is capable of three different speed settings, with an intelligently crafted NP5 needle, made so you could enjoy the sound of your vinyl records on an entirely new level.

One of the best things about the Nomad is the retro look. It will take you down the memory lane, it will bring back the good and the bad – it plays the soundtrack of your life. The songs played on the Nomad gently crawl under your skin, making goosebumps like never before.

The only flaw of the Nomad that could be mentioned is that it weighs quite a pound. Don’t let this discourage you – the weight of the record player is determined by electronic hardware. So basically, more weight means more power output, which further means that the Nomad is one unmerciful juggernaut of pure reminiscence.


  • Majestic sound and exquisite, vintage look
  • Superb value for the price
  • Compact
  • Multiple speed setting


  • It weighs quite a bit

Crosley Dansette Portable Turntable

The Dansette makes old sound new. The outlook of this model is so vintage that it is a must for old-school people. You should treat this record player as a real living person, for it breathes on its own through full range speaker lungs. Words can’t begin to describe what this Crosley is capable of. Putting on a record in it feels like pressing the rewind switch that takes you way back.

These exquisite sound capabilities were made possible by superior Crosley craftsmanship that is well known for absolute quality. The portable audio features the auxiliary input, giving you options to play with the sound as you wish at two possible speeds (33 1/3 & 45 RPM).

While sifting through manifold reviews of Crosley Dansette, I noticed that people either praise it as the ultimate sound device or present that they don’t like it at all. As words usually mean little when the music is in question, I decided to give it an ear myself.

I was truly amazed that there is a single person that could state that Dansette is anything but absolutely terrific. The sound is pure and smooth, the feel and vibrations are genuine and strong, and I came up with only one possible explanation of the problem at hand – some people are more accustomed to electronic and otherwise “modern” music, and how the music sounds like in its purest form may be appalling to some.

I can guarantee with absolute certainty that the Dansette is more than a simple record player, it presents many soul fragments collected through vinyl records to form the most beautiful one. For people who really like music, the Dansette is a lifelong companion.


  • Two possible play speeds (33 1/3 & 45RPM)
  • Majestic vintage look and sound
  • Dynamic and powerful stereo speakers


  • As with most Crosley players, the vintage style design might not suit everyone

The Crosley Traveler

The Crosley Traveler is true to its name. It is perfect for trips and voyages that are often long and dull, as it makes them vivid and enjoyable. The model is designed in a manner of a tan suitcase, making it possibly the most portable Crosley record player there is.

The Traveler is affordable, but should not be considered cheap. The word “cheap” often implies that something is a lesser variant of the main thing, often inferior. The Traveler is just as capable as any other Crosley record player, and it yearns to prove itself in your hands.

Belt-drive mechanized turntable is integrated into the case, capable of playing at three different speeds, and it also comes equipped with a fully adjustable tone so that you may experience it to the fullest. The main attribute of the Traveler is its compactness while retaining the standard for sound output.

You can take it with you virtually anywhere without absolutely any effort. The suitcase design is practical in various ways, as you can take it with you along other luggage items while preparing for a trip, use it at your home, take it to a party. The uses are numerous and as long as your creative the Traveler will perform.


  • Three possible speed variants
  • Compact, easy to use, easy to move around – easy to enjoy
  • Tone control setting – listening to your favorite song is now possible on a whole new level


  • One of the main problems with the compact part is that it weighs a bit (14 pounds). This, however, is not much considering record player standards
  • The sound is not a good as for some other models

Crosley CR40 Mini Turntable


Crosley CR40 Mini Turntable

As simple and straightforward as it gets, the Crosley CR40 combines practicality and efficiency with quality. It has a standard belt driven mechanism and a standard needle that does not scratch or in any other way damage the record. With dynamic speakers and RCA output, it gives off a pretty decent sound.

It might not be the best record player there is, but rest assured, the quality is guaranteed. If I could name only one reason out of many why this model is so great, I would say that it gets into people’s hearts quite fast and easy.

You will get fond of it by the time the first note is sung or played because it not only looks vintage – it sounds vintage as well. Turn its full range speakers on, put your favorite album and enjoy the ride. Only a few people stated that they could resist the haunting melodies of all the flashbacks the CR40 gives, and if you’re either a collector or simply a casual listener, this is a perfect record player for you.


  • Very affordable price and the quality that overshadows it – you can get it while you’re on a budget while still being able to enjoy it as much as more expensive record players
  • Great value
  • Well rounded
  • Retro look with a portable compact case


  • Not perfect, if you are accustomed to the premium quality sound. This model is aimed to please the casual listeners and people who simply like music

So, what is the best Crosley Record Player?


This is a rather hard question. The Crosley record players come in many models and every single one comes with a story on its own. Some are more expensive and more time and attention is invested in their manufacturing process, while others are intended to be less expensive in order to be more available.

There is, of course, the middle ground where all Crosley record players meet. Their look and design are old-school. Simple and beautiful, they serve another purpose besides their function as a music player. They give a natural and vivid feel of the place where they are used – if a picture speaks more than a thousand words, a Crosley Record player fulfills the place more than a thousand paintings.

One thing can be said for certain – all Crosley Record players are best in their own fields. Those fields can be ranked from most important attributes to less important, while still crucial, ones. The combination of them is different in various models, but it always results in superior quality.

First of all, it’s safe to say that the most important quality a record player should possess is the sound output. The pureness of the tone, the strength of the vibration, all the details that should be heard in the song. All of these qualities are the ones that should be included in the record player with a superb sound output.

If you ask me what Crosley Record player gives the best sound, I wouldn’t struggle to answer because it is rather obvious – The Crosley CR49 Traveler. There are many reasons why this is so. The Traveler’s main attribute is that it is the most compact model among the Crosley record players, but you would be amazed at what sound it can produce.

It provides the option of adjusting the tone control, giving the sound superior flexibility. The diamond-styled needle is what makes that splendorous sound, and the dynamic speakers are what breathes them out. Truly exceptional, the Traveler is best for people who demand good sound.

The second quality which we should consider to determine the next field of abilities where different Crosley record players excel is, of course, the design and look. The record player would lose much of its credibility if it looked any different.

When you are listening to your favorite record or your favorite album by yourself, or when you invite some friends over, you’re going to listen to some music one way or another. Be it from any television program, from a computer device, or a record player, the difference could be felt before it could be heard.

With the best Crosley record player in any corner of a room, the atmosphere would feel a lot warmer, more welcoming. It was designed to provide that. The simple, yet fantastic vintage look is what makes the Crosley so majestic, as it bonds people together in many ways, not just by music.

For people with a strong sense of aesthetics, for people who love the way things look, for people who love all things beautiful – the vintage look is more than just important. As for the question “Which Crosley Record Player is the most beautiful” or “which Crosley record player has the greatest decorative function”, the answer would be the Crosley Dansette Bermuda.

Most record players need to be placed onto a specific surface (such as a table or a chair) so that they could be used. The other problem is that they are often small in size, and if they are placed far away, they could be heard, but not seen, lacking completely in their decorative function.

The Crosley Dansette Bermuda comes with a matching stand so it’s placed above ground on its own. Wherever it is placed, the Dansette is sure to attract your gaze. The very definition of the vintage look, the Dansette is beautiful and unavoidable. Once seen, it demands the marvel of all bystanders. For people who like the true vintage look, for listeners that like to see their music, this is the one.

The last category would be the price. The vast majority of people likes to listen to music, and most people don’t wish to pay too much in order to do it. While most Crosley record players are very affordable, there can be an even further categorization of their prices. It is interesting that the inventor of Crosley – Powel Crosley himself had this in mind when he came to the idea of inventing the brand.

Before we name the least expensive Crosley record player it needs to be mentioned that the first place would take the model that has all the qualities that a standard record player has. There are a lot of record players that are ridiculously cheap but lack in quality.

By far, the cheapest Crosley record player that matches the standards of an average record player is the Crosley CR40-RE Mini Turntable. It can easily be said that the CR40-RE is the average Crosley player with average capabilities, only cheaper.

Crosley USB Turntable

The Crosley USB Turntable is the invention that merges the old-school with modern technology. Even though the record players are used for vinyl records and personal computers for digital audio tracks, the USB Turntable can make the vinyl record appear on a computer device.

There are many advantages of this invention. First of all, it is more practical to have a vinyl recorded on the computer, so it can be accessed easier and more frequently (for example, to use the record you need to pull it out of the casing, put it in the record player and play it, while on the computer all you need to do is click twice on the recorded file).

Secondly, the vinyl records are much more valuable than a digital audio track. Listening to your vinyl records on your computer pose no threat of damaging it, while listening to your tracks on your record player, on the other hand, can (the needle could scratch the surface, you might drop the record on accident).

Lastly, the use of USB Turntable also offers the possibility for more people to listen to different vinyl records simultaneously. If several people can’t agree on to what they want to listen, they could transfer one record in the digital format on the computer, while others listen to a different one on the record player.

Crosley Record Player Stand


A final piece for the perfect vintage feel, the Crosley Record Player Stand is a home for your vinyl records and a place to put your record player as well. While it is only natural that you already have a compartment where you store your records and your player, you could make the old-school feel complete by safely tucking them inside a Crosley Record Player Stand.

What makes them different from the regular record stands? Well, first of all, their look. The Crosley Record Player Stand is crafted using materials so that they complement the vintage record player look with their retro design while retaining the quality attributes.

If you happen to consider purchasing a record stand, there are some special models that you don’t want to miss out. The first one is the Crosley ST75-BK Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet – it is available in three colors, the glass doors give a clear overview of your vinyl records, and the hardware is silver plated so the vintage simply radiates from it.

Another stand that could help you complete your old-school collection is the Crosley ST75-PA Cabinet in the color of Paprika. It is handcrafted in the same way as ST75-BK but comes in different color, so if you have a record player made of wood, or painted in any color that resembles it, this is a better solution.

One of the best recommendations I have for you is definitely the Crosley Alexandria 60” Audio Pier. The Crosley Alexandria is a bookshelf, record player, and the vinyl records holder, as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. Elegant in every possible way, the Crosley Alexandria has majestic panel and shelving, wire management and brushed nickel pieces of hardware. Be prepared to be amazed.

The verdict about Crosley Turntables


Crosley Record Players can suit everyone, they are intended to be used by anyone, but they’re definitely not for everyone. They’re all very affordable, reliable and sound-wise capable, but their vintage look just does all the work.

It either captivates the soul of the listener or drives it away. It can be said with absolute certainty that the vintage look is majestic in every aspect, but considering this is a modern, technological age, some people could be repulsed by it. All in all, the Crosley record players serve the functions they are intended to in the most special way.

What about other Record Players?


Off course Crosley Record Players are pleasing to the eye. In addition to that – and simply for information and entertainment purposes – our team studied the market for models that out stand in design. Check these beauties in the best looking record players section here.

And what about other Brands?


Being one of the industry leaders in the (vintage) turntable market, it certainly has to compete with other vintage turntable brands. For those who want to know what’s behind the curtain of the A-brands, we’ve compiled a detailed report on some of the prominent names in the record player industry.

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