Review: Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic!

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Pro’s: This turntable is one of the best examples how Vintage handcraft goes along with technology from the modern era. The software options are a great addition to the Vinyl Experience. And almost a bargain among the turntables in this range.

Con’s: Pyle put a lot of effort on the different features of this turntable. In spite of that, the overall quality and sound volume however could have been a little bit better. Consider to buy some external speakers, if you want to reach the full potential of this system.

Enjoy Music with Style with Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic!

High End Vintage in a Modern Era

A detailed description of the Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic is a clear indication of how ancient technology is still prevalent in the modern era. The device still comprises its original speaker and ceramic cartridge.

The entire system combines yesterday’s classic record playing style with the current technology. Most deejays and music fanatics prefer the latest models of turntables but also don’t mind exploiting the old systems because of their originality as well as style.

PVNTT6UMRBT is designed into a handcrafted wooden cabinet, and its color is mahogany. If you fancy the looks of a turntable as much as the sound, then Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic is your ideal system. It has a very vintage appearance and is made from real wood. When closed, it looks very sturdy and solidly built.

The components concealed inside the cabinet are light, making it easy to carry around. Use the PVNTT6UMRBT to create music from your PC, iPods, Mac or other external devices. It comes with everything you need to get connected as well as edit your files.

Features and Specifications

Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT is a Retro Vintage Classic with modern technology that gives a superior effect. With this system, you can enjoy music with style. Unlike other turntables, Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic works with several other external devices including Android, MP3 Player, Tablet, Smartphone, and iPhone. Hence, you can enjoy your tracks and still share them with family members as well as friends. Other notable features in this device include:

  • Traditional style wooden cabinet and lid cover
  • Play it All (3) speed Compatible: (33 1/3, 45 and 75 rpm)
  • Vinyl-To-Mp3 recording
  • Built-in full range stereo speaker
  • Auto-stop vinyl records function system
  • Belt drive turntable system
  • Ability to stream Bluetooth wireless music
  • Audio file and music recording ability
  • Compatible with external devices
  • RCA (L/R) Line Output Connector Jacks
  • Audacity Music Editing Software
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Power: Ac 120V, 60Hz
  • USB Computer Recording Ability

Bluetooth Connectivity
An outstanding feature of Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic is the ability to stream music from other devices without the need to connect to the turntable. The system comprises a built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming. Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic works with all your favorite devices such as iPhone, Android, Smartphone, Tablet, iPad, among others. You can also easily stream your audio via the turntable’s speaker system.

Universal Input/Output System
Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic connects with other devices making it flexible for use in different locales. Listen to your favorite music from the CDs, SD memory cards, or flash disks from any location. The input jack feeds both analog and digital devices such as drive solenoids, LEDs, and I/P converters. The jack enables you to save files to external storage devices and also to send music and files to other users.

The Presence of a Ceramic Cartridge
Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic has a ceramic disc faucet with an upper drive and a fixed lower one. Enjoy music without worrying if your system is prone to wearing out. The valves present in the ceramic disc faucets are durable and impervious to line debris, mineral buildups and other minor conditions affecting the valves. Though competitively priced due to the ceramic faucets, the Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic is very reliable.

Vinyl-To-Mp3 recording
Some of the Supreme tunes ever recorded are only available on vinyl. However, you would still want to convert your Vinyl to MP3 or CD for easier use. Unfortunately, there is no catch-all method for digitizing all your vinyl collections. You can go the easy way or harder way. Get a high-quality USB turntable and record your vinyl to MP3 direct.  For Windows or Mac, the Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter is highly recommended.

Built-in full range stereo speaker
The main advantage with built-in full range stereo speakers is that you don’t need to go back to the store to decide what speakers fit in with your system. The speakers are specifically designed to handle middle frequencies and also have built-in crossovers to direct frequency signals to various units. They give off reasonable quality sound soothing to your ears enabling you to enjoy music with style. However, you can still connect woofers and sub-woofers to your Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic.

Auto Stop vinyl record function
The auto-stop vinyl record function comes in handy in case you forget to turn off the turntable. It is set to lift the arm at a certain distance from the center of the disc. There is no danger to the vinyl if turn auto-stop functions off such as losing the last tracks. You can pick up your music where it stopped when you put the Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic back on.

Audacity Music Editing Software
Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic comes with free Audacity software that allows you to record and edit multi-track. The software has a new algorithm referred to as the spectral reassignment that deduces a finer spectrogram for perfect vocal work. Improve the quality of your music with the various enhancements made to pitch for a cleaner display and valuable vocal work. The vocal settings are available for each track.

USB Computer Recording Ability
Unlike various vintage devices, Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic has a USB port. Therefore, it turns your vinyl records into compact digital audio files. It also gives you the ability to save and share your music with friends and family. Furthermore, Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic allows easy transfer of music to Mac or PC. You can also quickly and easily create a digital audio file. Additionally, the system includes audio software and a USB Connection cable.

Belt Drive Turntable system
Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic is among the devices still comprising of a phonograph turntable drive. To be specific, it has the belt-drive turntable which enables it to produce quality output due to the firm rotational stability. The system uses a fixed plinth with a low vibration motor as well as a bearing that is fixed to the same flat surface. The drive is designed in such a way that it tracks the surface of the record accurately and also protects it from external vibrations.


  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Reliability


  • PVNTT6UMRBT amplifier is under powered and produces only 3 watts. However, you can hook up your turntable to an external speaker. The Sound is reasonable, but not more than sufficient.


PVNTT6UMRBT is very affordable compared to other turntables. A new system is available in the $$$ price range on Amazon whereas a used one is available in the $$ price range. Check the actual price on here. Previous clients regard it as a product with great value and with proper care; it should last for many years. It is worth the money, whether new or old.

Customer Reviews

With its classic and iconic design combined with the latest hi-tech features, the Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic has over a dozen customer reviews on Amazon and 24 queries from previous clients and potential buyers. Most clients bought the sound system for a discount during a promotion. Their rating score varies from positive to very positive.

Even after buying and using the sound system, there was not a reported problem at all playing with the new Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic. It played very well, both old records as well as the new records.


With numerous interfaces, you can stream and play your tracks from multiple storage devices. Just ensure that the Bluetooth on your preferred device is also on before streaming your audios. When it comes to compatibility with other devices and functionality, I am yet to find a match for the Pyle PVNTT6UMRBT Retro Vintage Classic.

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