How to protect your ears from noise pollution?

Written by Ben W

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In order to protect your ears, you must know something more about the things that are capable of doing us harm. One of the worst things that can damage our ears and hearing is noise pollution.

Noise pollution is not to be taken as a joke. It is known that some sounds and sound volumes can cause problems to our ears if we don’t protect our ears from it. Simply speaking, any sound that is irritating or disturbing can be qualified as a noise pollution.


Noise pollution – what it is and dangers it poses

Every noise can cause discomfort and harm to our ears if it is on a very high volume. There are some boundaries that you simply can’t cross if you want to protect your ears from any sorts of damage. Furthermore, we will see what is the cause and effects of noise pollution and how to prevent it from harming your hearing.

We are exposed to high noises every day. There are some activities that we do every day which can do lots of harm to our ears. First and the main cause of noise pollution is loud music. Loud music is something that we can’t escape every time, for example, there are parties or concerts that we go to.

Possible health hazards caused by noise pollution

Some people like to listen to their music with the high volume on their headphones or record players which are also considered to be something that can damage your hearing.

Anyhow, noise pollution affects your mind and body in a negative way. The most important thing to know about noise pollution is that it can lead to loss of hearing, sleeplessness, headache, stress and tension, cardiac disturbance and at the end, it can come to deafness.

All these problems and injuries are to be taken seriously. Every damage that is inflicted on your ears and hearing is irreversible. So be aware of this problem and the damage it can cause, you can’t get your hearing back when it’s already ruined.

How to protect your ears from loud music?

In order to protect your ears from loud music, we first need to consider doing some steps to help us minimize the risk of noise pollution. We can simply say to anyone that if they want to protect their hearing, they should stay away from loud music and high volumes.

That would be wrong because in everyday life you will always find yourself in a situation where the music is loud. Take cinemas for example, in cinemas the volume is very high and that can cause problems to your hearing.

Simple ideas on how to protect your ears

The first thing you need to do when you are exposed to a loud music is to turn it down. If that is not possible you should consider doing something different to help you protect yourself. Wearing earplugs is a great idea for the best protection of your ears and hearing. Maybe it is a little bit silly to put earplugs when you are at a concert or a party, but this will help you for sure.


The best thing about earplugs is that you will still be able to enjoy the music because they don’t block the sound, they are only making it less damaging and more suitable for your ears. This is considered to be number one priority for people who are exposed to loud music every day, like musicians or club workers.

Equally important, you need to place earplugs correctly so they can protect you. Earplugs are meant to be inserted into an ear canal directly.

This is done in order to prevent any damage from loud music. There are four main types of earplugs. The groups are based on what are they made from usually. The most common materials are foam, silicone, flanged, custom molded earplugs.

Every type of these earplugs is good for protection, so you don’t have to worry about that. Some of them are reusable, other earplugs are disposable. Anyhow, this will be a great help at all times. People who are exposed to a noisy environment which is 80 or more dB especially. 

How to protect your ears with earplugs

If you are wondering how to know which earplugs are good, you simply need to see what they offer. Quality earplugs have 3 most important features that must be the part of every earplug.

First, earplugs need to lower the audio volume. A great pair of earplugs only lowers the volume of the sound, it doesn’t mute it completely.

Secondly, earplugs must maintain a great quality of the sound. In order to enjoy the music in a best possible way, earplugs must preserve that sound quality.

And the third most important thing about the earplugs is that they must provide a custom fit. You definitely don’t want to feel discomfort in your ears, so you must find a perfect pair of earplugs.


In conclusion, we strongly recommend you to save your hearing while you still have it. Get yourself a nice pair of earplugs so you won’t have to worry about any hearing related problems. We learned today that noise pollution is not a thing to joke about, so better be safe than sorry.

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