Best Turntable under $500

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Considering the fact that you are searching for a turntable in this price range, it is clear that you want it to be good!

Well, we’ve compiled a list of turntables to guide you to the best turntable under 500 dollars!

We examine if they are reliable, beautiful, powerful, and what great value they offer.

A Short Review of Top Models

Model 1: Best pick Pyle Home PTCDS5U

This is the most affordable turntable on our list.

And the best part?

That does not mean at all that is in any way inferior to other models.

First of all, this turntable is very practical – it is not too big, while not being small as well. Its a nice average, usable size device.

Ha, that rhymes!

But anyway, back to this nice piece of a record player.

Second, it’s settings and operation are quite simple, but not too plain.

Most importantly – it has a remote control device which lets you turn it on and off, rewind your vinyl records, play next or previous, and many more options.

Unlimited Versatility

It is capable of playing at two speeds – 33 or 45 RPM.

Next to that it’s also capable of playing compact discs, MP3 files from your USB, and standard vinyl records.

This is very important because you don’t want a turntable that has limited use – the ones that can only play vinyl records might make you spend you a lot more money because they aren’t cheap at all.

Another great addition to its versatility is that it is capable of playing cassettes with a Single Key type of exquisite design.

Whichever form of music information you have, this turntable is able to play for you.

Perhaps, it is one of the most versatile turntables you could find on the market under $500.

Handcrafted Design

A word or two about the design of Pyle Home Vintage Turntable.

It is made of beautiful, handcrafted wood that was painted in black. This is makes the device extremely attractive and desirable.

You will want to put this turntable in your living room, for it gives off an aura of vividness.

There is an issue with its power – a bit to less honestly. The AM/FM radio is its heart and core.

It’s outfitted with the additional bass Control system that can be easily adjusted with the LCD Display that glows in soothing blue.

The settings are quite simple – the classical needle lets you know what frequency is playing.

You find the volume and tuner knobs on each side of the LCD screen. The screen which shows what part of the song is playing. Overall – tremendous value, incredibly cheap.


  • Very versatile
  • Really affordable in its price range
  • Easy to use and fast to set up


  • Not excellent in terms of power

Model 2: Review of the Audio Technica at lp1240 USB

This turntable is quite different from the other turntables. The design, the outlook, intended use – everything is different and unusual. This does not mean it’s bad, it’s quite on the contrary.

This turntable is, perhaps, one of the most versatile and exquisite ones you could ever find below $500. Being so different, we are going to carefully examine each detail, and tell you why you should try it out.

Practical at Heart

First of all, it looks and feels quite different from the other turntable players. It was not designed with the beauty in mind, although, it certainly is attractive. It was engineered to be practical, useful, and to provide good sound, and that’s what it does. It’s not as simple to use as other turntables, though.

The other detail about this turntable that is quite intriguing is the way it was supposed to be used or the way it turned out people perceived it was best how to use it. It is perfect for professional DJ’s because of the amazing sound output and variable speed settings.

DJ’s Choice

This is mainly because of the USB output that comes supplied with audacity software, making it perfect for use in any nightclub. It is also compatible with most mobile applications.

Of course, any casual turntable lover would find it to be very helpful and be satisfied with it, but there are many other turntables below $500 that could fit their needs better. This turntable is preferred by DJ’s mostly.

The last feature that makes this turntable so good is the amazing sound output. It has three selectable speeds, high-torque motor with multiple poles, which makes it so good. It is mainly because of this feature that DJ’s prefer it so much. All in all, an amazing turntable that is worth trying out.


  • Amazing sound output – high-torque motor made this possible;
  • Simple design with variable speeds – it is rather simple to use;
  • Versatile – ideal for casual listeners but preferred by DJ’s;


  • Quite expensive – One of the turntables that are nearest to the limit of $500

Model 3: The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC

The most elegant turntable that draws the gaze of everyone who happens to pass by it – the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC is able to offer you three things, and those three things he does absolutely best.

Those are the phenomenal, straightforward, plain, simple design, the exceptional quality of reproducing music from a vinyl record, and the most elegant, beautiful, and attractive outlook. We’re going to review these qualities respectfully.

Simplicity & Perfection

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable was designed for simplicity – it has very few settings because the manufacturers thought about everything in advance – the optimal frequency and vibrations of the sound were found and installed within this turntable, so all you need to worry about is how loud or quiet you want this turntable to sing for you.

Secondly, the quality of sound was mentioned before, but this needs to be explained thoroughly – the music comes at a whole new level from this turntable – one of the main reasons for that is the sheer design – made for a simple use of a single function, the manufacturers aimed for perfection.

Manufactured for the best sound

This can best be explained by reviewing what hardware was installed in the manufacturing process. The platter was made with increased size and weight so that enhanced durability and stability were ensured. The motor is synchronous, equipped with a belt drive.

The motor now has a suspension in the form of a Sorbothane. The Tonearm was designed to be beautiful, long, and accurate – It is 8.6-Inch long, painted in beautiful black.

And lastly, the amazing, black outlook – one of the biggest advantages, should we compare the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC to other turntable models. The platter is so smooth it easily reflects clear images, painted in black as the rest of the turntable.

The tonearm was made long and attractive, decorated by many black gadgets. The flywheel is also black but in a different shade. Overall – one of the most beautiful turntables on the market, combined with the outstanding simple design and use, it is extremely valuable.


  • Very attractive and beautiful outlook;
  • Plain design and simple to use;
  • Top quality sound;


  • Limited field of use

Model 4: How about Audio-Technica AT-LP120

When you first see this turntable you will be very likely to miss most of its precious attributes. At first, it looks as a small, plain record player that is adorable due to its silver color of design, but you will surely think that it’s not a big deal. Well, if this is the case, you would be very wrong.

Compact & Durable

The Audio Technica is capable and powerful. This can best be described if we take a closer look at its many features, and comment each and every one. First of all, let us talk about its design. It is small, portable, compact, and attractive.

However small, this device is capable of outputting a decent sound through a high-torque direct drive motor. You would be very surprised of how magnificent this turntable can sing. However, the speakers of this model are not too strong on their own, meaning that you would do well to attach an external pair at some point.

Convert your Vinyl

Speaking of versatility, the Audio Technica can do wonders. First of all, and perhaps the most important feature, the R-MIX software for audio processing is supplied from Roland Technologies.

This combined with USB outputs give for a very wide field of use – the Audio Technica can be played on your computer easily by simply plugging your USB into it before you use it on your computer.

What’s more, it features an Audacity software that is able to digitize your vinyl records. This gives a tremendous value, mainly because you will be able to listen to your records more conveniently – virtually anywhere, at any time.

It is both Mac and Personal Computer compatible, so you need not worry about that. Just don’t be discouraged at the first glance, for this device is more than capable.


  • Compact, yet durable – it is small in size, so it can be taken and moved around with great ease. It is quite durable for a turntable device due to its carefully engineered design;
  • Strong and versatile – High-torque drive is able to produce excellent quality sounds;
  • Very simple to use;


  • Plain appearance

Model 5: The Rega RP1 Turntable

A proof that tradition can be upheld even when swimming in the sea of modern technology – The Rega RP1 is an old brand of an old turntable, but completely modernized. Beautiful appearance and premium quality sound output are just some of the advantages it has. Let us see just how good it is.

Made for Quality Sound

The design is very plain, with just a few modifications of the traditional turntable – the tonearm is new and unique to Rega Brand, being quite large and capable of producing the sweet melodies without scratching the record.

One of the most notable things about Rega RP1 is the exquisite Phenolic resin wheel that affects the platter in that manner that it provides the most speed stability.

Concerning the hardware, the Rega Carbon magnet cartridge is supplied to the high-quality motor that hums very gently with low vibrations. Plain and simple, as with the rest of the turntable, the hardware is capable and strong.

The only downfall of this turntable is that it serves a single purpose – it plays vinyl records. It is not as versatile as other models of turntables that are capable of playing and recording songs on PC or MAC, it doesn’t have USB inputs like some of the other products do, and doesn’t have as many settings.

Simple & Easy

However, it was designed to do one thing, and it is exceptionally good at it. Playing vinyl records was never this simple, and their sound quality can rarely be outmatched. This is one of those players that you want to look good and sound good, no questions asked.

If you are looking for a turntable record player that is easy to use, that is beautiful and attracts attention when perceived, if you require a player of impeccable quality, this is the player for you. Straightforward and reliable, you want the Rega RP1.


  • Top quality – carefully engineered to deliver only the top quality sounds, it was designed for that exact purpose
  • Very Simple to use – it doesn’t have many settings, simply put the record and press the “play” button
  • Beautiful and attractive – One of the most attractive models of turntables on the market


  • Not versatile

Model 6: Pyle Home PTCDS1U Classical Turntable

The last on the list of best turntables that is possibly the best turntable on the entire market, the Pyle Home Classical is exceptional in every way. It is one of the turntables with the highest versatility, the most beautiful, decorative design, simplified use, and amazing price. Each of these attributes should be viewed separately in order to see why this record player is so good.

Vintage & Durable Design

One of the most important things is the one that first comes to mind when you see it – the outlook. Carefully handcrafted wood makes this turntable attractive, but durable as well. The screen is outfitted with two knobs and various numbers, a USB output and the cassette holder that are all decorated in the gold-like paint that makes for the astonishing outlook.

The second thing that we should take into consideration is the versatility of this turntable – it is capable of manifold things. It can output sound from radio, USB record, cassette or a CD player, and it will all sound equally good. The sound is sung from the two speakers that are both decently powerful.

A Bargain On its Own

The last thing to consider is the design. We have mentioned how beautiful this turntable looks, but we didn’t say that it could easily be considered a decorative piece. The top part can be closed and this beautiful device could look so good wherever you put it.

To wrap it up, this turntable offers many options, it has a very large field of use due to its versatility, it is capable of producing the sound of top quality, it reliable, durable, and, most importantly – cheap. Finding a better turntable at this price is practically impossible.


  • Versatile – It is capable of reproducing sounds from various devices: CD player, USB input, cassettes, and more;
  • Durable and reliable – the handcrafted wood was used in the manufacturing process, making this turntable durable.
  • Affordable – it is amazing what this turntable can offer at such a low price;


  • Quite ordinary – there are a bunch of specialized turntables that can outmatch this model if the individual attributes are in question.

What is the best turntable under 500 dollars – Verdict

Honestly, this is a very serious and difficult question.

Every turntable in this category is amazing in its own right.

However, if the answer to “what is the best one” is required, it would be the Pyle Home PTCDS1U!

It is extremely beautiful and capable of producing very fine melodies. Its outstanding feature is that it can be used as a decorative piece when not used as a record player.

It offers Phenomenal value at a borderline price.

But here’s the thing..

It only wins by a straw

People have different tastes in music. That is why a second place should be awarded to a turntable that could succeed the Pyle Home.

Even though it would be a close call, the second place should be taken by The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC.

Simple and beautiful black design, amazing sound output capabilities and tremendous value are responsible for its nomination. Because Pro-Ject has a lot more in it’s range then the turntables we discussed here, we decided to dig a little deeper. Our research resulted in the 7 best Pro-Ject turntables your budget can buy. Enjoy!

And what about other players?

Next to these five great models, the market has a lot more to offer when it comes to record players under 500 dollars.

There is this special group of people who really value high-quality sound above all else! We call them Audiophiles – The real experts when it comes to record players. In fact, it might be so that they have more in-depth knowledge and are more full of detail on the topic than we are!

If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We are open to develop our knowledge of the market in a proper way!  To give you an impression of where we are now, we tracked the best audiophile turntables under $500 – it has to stay affordable, right?

Furthermore, we reviewed a couple of Crosley models comprehensively on our website.

The special part about these two mentioned here is the use of hardwood. This is for functional and for stylish purposes.

The Crosley CR44CD Turntable Console for example.

Elegance and durability are the words best to describe this beautiful Vintage turntable Console.

And the best part?

It will both decorate your home and fill it with high-quality music.

When you’re focus is set on really superb sound, have a check at the The Crosley C10A-MA Hardwood Turntable.

This is considered to be a top notch model in the belt driven turntables area.

Add a couple of quality speakers to it and you are good to go.

Earlier we talked about the much versatile Pyle Home PTCDS5U. We should mention this model has an upgraded brother, the Pyle PTCDS7UBTB Bluetooth Turntable.

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