Review: Crosley Dansette Junior!

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Pros: We absolutely love the design. This model really brings old school style into your room! Next to that, this Dansette is easy to bring around and produces some quality sound. Being priced at $160, this is a lot of vintage vinyl for your money. Crosley really brought some history back to live with the Dansette.
Cons: There were some issues in the past with the power adapter. However it seems like Crosley has taken care of this problem as there are no new reportings of this issue.

General Thoughts on the Crosley Dansette Junior

As we live in the age of new technology, everything seems to have fallen into place. Every invention in the sound industry has come a long way towards improving the quality of sound, usability and the ability to integrate sound systems with other gadgets. The Crosley Dansette brings back the design of the fifties with the technology of the present.

With more than 100 years since inception, the turntable remains the ultimate partying device. In the mid-1960s, the Dansette players were the most common brand and were almost available in every homestead.

Having found a large market in the time, the brand has seen major twists that have increased adoption among residential and commercial users.

Conventional brands make it hard for them to use in different places without the need for extra accessories. However, the Crosley CR6234A-BT Dansette Junior suits users wishing to hold concerts across cities. The simple yet elegant design improves its physical appeal while the size facilitates movements without increasing the lead. If you are looking for personalized features, than you are in luck. This record player comes in varying colors and designs that serve specific needs of the users. Your vinyl collection will flourish with this player.

Portable Nostalgia from the fifties!

So the main prominence of the Crosley Dansette definititely is its portability. It is designed as a stylish suitcase, constructed of wood and wrapped in a leatherette and Vinyl material. The color palette is mainly a nice combination of baby-blue and skin-tan. The record player surface is made of black vineer. In this way the Vinyl records and tone-arm nicely blend in the background of the vineer, with white accents from the diamond stylus and part of the motor.

The speakers are positioned at the front, covered with a white weaved tweed and finished with a white lattice-work, covering a significant part of the latitude of the turntable. On the very right there are two straightforward knobs for power/volume and source. Here u will find the headphone jack, as well as the auxiliary in. The cabinet has fairly solid clips on each side of the lid and a smooth hinge on the back.

Users are pleased that the lid can be fully closed with an album on the turntable. The 45rpm adapter has a nice little hole it fits into when not in use. The sound quality definitely corresponds with the vintage look of the device. This is the way songs were enjoyed in the 1950’s and 1960’s! This is how Dansette originally intended vinyl entertainment. Even for today the speakers produce enough sound and clarity for say, to fill a living room.

Features and Specifications

When it comes to buying a turntable, most buyers are keen to get the best bargain from the buying process. If price becomes your primary guide, you are likely to miss on important features and specification that determines the functionality and suitability for the brand. For this reason, consider the features that come with each name before making the purchase.

As for Crosley Dansette Junior, you will not miss out the following:

  • A portable turntable featuring the Dansette style
  • Belt driven mechanism that plays two speeds, 33 and 45 RPM tracks
  • An auxiliary input and output feature that accommodates a full range of speaker systems.
  • Vibrant full-range stereo speakers that give sound clarity and effects.
  • The diamond stylus needle that improves the performance

Auxiliary input system

When it comes to setting up systems, you probably do not want a system that gives a little headache about the connections. The Crosley portable brand offers an auxiliary input system that lowers the need for extra connections. You do not need to connect with sophisticated sound hardware as you enjoy your favorite collection. Also, you do not need a computer as the simple system plays tracks from CDs and other sources.

The portable design

Size is a major consideration for people looking forward to moving the device without physical damage. For this reason, the system comes in a small yet portable style that you can place at any point in your house. It gives better control when it comes to playing and replacing the tracks as you engage in other activities. Do not worry about the small space available in your house as the system takes the least of all items in your home.


  • It comes with a simple design that is easy to use.
  • Affordable for those wishing to set up their collections.
  • It fits in almost every room of the house.
  • High-quality sound output.


Low-quality power supply: while some clients have dreaded of the defective power supply system, the Crosley turntable comes with an AC power adapter. The flawed feature was just one in a sea of high-quality features.

Customer Reviews and Scores

With several dozens of turntables having found their way to people’s homesteads, 12 customers have listed their reviews regarding the products. A majority seems to have gotten well with a few encountering functional challenges. The average rating stands just over 4 stars.

Of the 12 customer reviews, most seem to cite size, quality of the sound and portability of the main advantages. On the other, others have mentioned poor artistry and defective power supply as the major cons of the turntable. However, the defects seem to have caught the eye of the manufacturer, as they are hard to find in subsequent units.


At Amazon, prices are in the $$$ price range. Check the actual price on here. This is quite okay for this model. Considering the overall quality and sound experience, indeed there are models in a lower price category that offer the same. Yet they don’t have the portability option. It is an option you sure will be satisfied about when you have the convenience of replacing it where ever you want.


When it comes to a family sound system, you need one that all family members can operate. The ability to move the system and fit at every platform makes it the ultimate solution for family entertainment. Consider buying a turntable that lowers the need for external hardware and cables.

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