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Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Used Turntables – What are the main benefits of owning one?

Most people tend to think that the word “used” refers to something that’s broken down, unwanted, outdated, or something like that. That, of course, may be the case with objects that lose their value over time. However, there are things that get better with age, such as wine, books, and, of course, turntables. In fact, record players look the best when they’re dusty.

Now, you might ask yourself – “what could I possibly do with a used record player? I could easily buy one of the cheaper models. That’s true, of course, but there are a lot of benefits of owning a used record player. Such benefits and advantages are:

Most second-hand record players are in tip-top condition

There are situations where people just need extra cash, really fast, and they need to sell their old record player so that they could buy a new, and a better one. When this is the case, these turntable models usually don’t have any flaws whatsoever.
These second-hand turntables are often as good as new, especially if their owner is a turntable collector. There are a lot of high-end turntables that cost pretty much, so it’s only obvious that people would sell their older models.

People don’t usually sell their turntables if they’re completely broken down

The only way to completely break down a record player is by utterly destroying it. Every turntable is comprised of various tiny parts and bits that are accurately connected with each other, and each part is quite easy to replace. In fact, it’s always cheaper to replace some parts when compared to the solution of buying a completely new one.

Getting a replacement part is quite easy nowadays

The turntable market is full of replacement items, and the process of repair is not too delicate if you have the required know-how. If that’s not the case, you could always employ a tinkerer (a special kind of mechanic who specializes in delicate mechanic operations) who’s wage wouldn’t go above the price of a new turntable, that’s for sure.

The price of used turntables is often substantially lowered

It’s only obvious that people lower the price of their second-hand record players when they sell them. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a model that you can get at half the price when compared to the original. This is a terrific opportunity to buy yourself a high-end record player at a budget price, or save some cash.

Things to pay attention to when buying a second-hand record player

We’ve gone through the various benefits and advantages of owning a second-hand record player, but we should also note that there are things you should pay attention to when you’re searching for your second-hand turntable. Now, those things would be:

Be careful of products that do not contain images

The vast majority of offers (when it comes to second-hand record players) on the market would have this form. There are decent people who aren’t fond of taking pictures of their things (or aren’t able to – elderly people, for example), but there are scammers who want to take advantage of anyone who takes the bait. If the turntable you want to buy doesn’t have any picture attached next to the offer, the chances are that you might be scammed.

Make sure to check the facts

Always make sure to check if the name of the brand that made the turntable you’re after corresponds to the name of the brand that’s printed on the record player. That will tell you a lot about the credibility of the person you’re dealing with, as well as the other facts about the record player itself.

Make a test run

The only way to make sure that the turntable works is by testing it, that’s pretty much certain. However, there are situations where people will tell you that the reason they’re selling it is because it doesn’t work. If that’s the case, make sure to check which part is broken (or missing), and try to strike a better bargain.
Most people don’t have the necessary knowledge to replace or repair their turntables, so they opt for selling them. If they do not know what’s wrong with their record player, you could always come to a compromise – go to the nearest record store and ask for a professional revaluation.

Parts that can be replaced when necessary

Now, we’ve come to the part where you have actually acquired a second-hand turntable. Next stage is the damage report – if you’ve been patient so far, you’ve already asked the seller (or determined yourself) which parts are broken and missing. If you have that knowledge, you should consider the list below for further instructions:

If the stylus (turntable needle) is missing

This is, perhaps, one of the most common situations. Turntable needles are often fragile, and people who sell their second-hand turntables often remove them. If this is the case, you could get a replacement needle on the market for a really affordable price. Re-inserting it is pretty easy with some basic tools.

If the cartridge is missing

The situation where the cartridge is missing is not as common as the previous one, and it’s slightly more delicate. The cartridge is connected with some other parts (such as the needle, for example), and it needs to be re-attached to those parts before you install it back in the turntable.

If the tiny parts are missing – screws, bolts, and such

This situation could have either no impact at all, or it could be really dramatic. Everything depends on the part from which these parts are missing – if the screws, bolts, or other tiny parts are missing from some of the vital components (motor, for example), the situation is dire, and you might need professional help. If, however, these parts are missing from the plinth, or any other part that does not serve a vital function, you could easily replace them yourself.

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