Review: Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable!

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Pro’s: An absolute beginner-beauty if you want to be more in touch with the world of Vinyl and built a collection for your own, or start with your parents attic stock. It is very easy to handle and set-up. “Remove packaging – plug in – remove needle cover – put on record – be happy. The end.”, thus a very happy customer.

Con’s: Being a basic record player, it is a bit limited in its features and options. If you want more and different options for this price, then we can definitely recommend you to look at more models we have tested and reviewed here.

Begin Your Vinyl Adventure with Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable!


While most people will think of cars with the company Studebaker, they also bring us some very nice pieces of musical instruments. In this review we zoom in on the Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable, which truly has some features that does make it worth mentioning. With having a smaller and more modest design than other retro models, this Studebaker item is less shiny than most vintage models. It does however look classic, very classic. This player can be summarized with “basic, simple and satisfactory”

At a glance

Wood, lots of wood. The record player has a warm antique case design that immediately draws attention, while being compact. Combined with the metal display and characteristic speakers, the player breaths nostalgia. When placing a record and putting down the needle, the music is of higher quality than expected. The FM radio is producing decent sound and receiving as well. A basic but quality item that does what it is asked to do, playing all sizes of records and bringing an old school look to your interior.

What about the sound

As we said before, the sound was better than we had expected. The sound is a bit thin when put on max volume with a room full of people but is for sure enough to bring some atmosphere when put into action. The stereo speakers produces enough volume to fill the room or even for reaching for instance the next door kitchen. If needed can external speakers be plugged in the rear, thereby amplifying the sound without loosing the “vinyl touch”. When the lid is closed, the sound is a bit boosted and even warmer. There is not that much to say about the sound, for items in this price range, the sound is just pretty good.

The design

Most attention will be attracted by the wooden cave, which is somewhat brown / paprika red in color, giving the model a vintage look. Nicely accompanied by the display and speakers the wooden chest is providing the retro look of more expensive models. With the design being straight and basic, the looks of the cherry wood and speakers are not cheap or thin. The analog FM radio tuner is a detail that goes really well along with the wooden cave. A simple retro look the will bring a bit of nostalgia to the room it is placed in.

Other features

With being quite basic, the FM radio and the Cassette player are the most interesting other features. The receiving of the radio is good and the sound by the internal speakers is sufficient. When in need for more sound, external speakers can be hooked up on the back of the device. The player stops automatically when the record is finishes playing, making sure the needle will not wear out the LP. Last but not least, it is nice to have the Cassette Player as an extra. This audio-jewel from the 1980’s still kept it’s grip on the American Music Scene.

To give you an exact overview of the features and specifications, we made a list:

  • 3-speed Selectable Turntable
  • Am/fm/fm Stereo Radio With Analog Tuning
  • Includes a Cassette Player
  • 2″ Built-in Speaker
  • 2 X 1.5w Rms Output
  • Antique Wooden Case Design

Other reviewers

On Amazon, this is a popular product. With over a 100 reviews and scoring 4.0 stars, the player is complimented for both the looks and the sound. With the sound being warm but the volume a bit low, people are happy about the speakers.

The Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable seems like a convenient suitable Record Player for the vinyl beginners among us. It is easy to set up and simple to handle. Here are some honest user experiences from Amazon:


“I Love the retro feel of this cute little phonograph”, thus says a happy customer who bought this Record Player on Amazon. For a music system under  a $100, this product for sure offers some nice features that will respond to the needs of every music lover. This is a good starter for your parents vinyl-collection, or to built one your own. However, if you are a more experienced vinyl-user and want more options to listen to you favorite music, we then recommend to look at more comprehensive models.

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