Studebaker Wooden Turntable Review

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

The most retro turntable on the market!?

A turntable is there to serve a double purpose. It most produce great sound but also give your room a little extra. This job is well done by the Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable.

Remember those days you were listening to vinyl and dreaming about… or those nights with the sweet sound of a LP on the back. This vintage item will allow you to step away from the main stream and go old school with listening to vinyl. If you are an old fanatic or a young discoverer, this machine will please you.

This record player is there to serve not only your enthusiasm for music. It also incorporates a classic look that serves a different but equally important purpose. The sound quality and decent looks are the reason for the 4.5 star review on Amazon. What are the specific reasons for the top position by consumers?

Radio, and vinyl. It does give you an elegant look to the home decor with its ancient design and features line out jack. The enhancement of clarity of music with this devise is highly credible especially with its 2” built-in speakers.

You will always find it available with AM/FM/FM stereo radio which has an analog turning. For records it has a three speed select able option. Its advanced features that give you an opportunity to get exactly what you want to hear.

Product specifications

The product is not as heavy and wide as its name might suggest. In fact it only measures 5” (H) x 17” (W) x 16” (D), so you see how easy it can be to transport and even store it. Most people are usually put off by the sizes of commodities they wish to purchase, but this one fits your space in the room. It has output of 2 x 1.5 W RMS and a rotary volume control.

The sound system also contains a power Led indicator, FM stereo LED indicator and an antique wooden case design that give much confidence to the user. It is one device that does not contradict all the expectations you may have in music.

The Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable truly stands out of other turntables because of the materials that make it. The cave has a antique design and is of actual wood. Thus, it is durable and strong enough to serve you for long under most types of environments. The wooden cave ensures  some great handling of the sound. You may also use headphones, but they are bought separately.

As a high quality item the Studebaker is absolutely cheap and you will find the actual value of your money. Shipping is also done in the most efficient way and for free! You will not have to wait for days to use it. It’s an AC power input of 120V 60Hz, thus you will not need to worry much about increased electricity bills.

You may choose your color as it pleases you; its model SB_6052 is credible. The manufactures assures a 1 year warranty in case anything happens to it. However, the product is highly investigated and tested before released to the market.

Customer reviews and scores

The reviewers of this great commodity such as J. Seed note that this product is very portable turntable with a quality that reminds him of one he had received from his parents when he was only ten years old. He could easily listen to his earlier vinyl LPs. Another reviewer Robert W. says:

It’s sturdy and is made out of decent quality wood. I have read in a few other reviews on Amazon from people that claim it doesn’t get loud enough, and that it can’t be heard all over their home. The sound quality of the one that i received is just fine


The only negative report about the turntable is the loudness of the sound. It was hard to hear the music in a crowded room. An answer to this problem can be hooking up some external speakers, which can be easily attached.

Conclusion Studebaker Wooden Turntable

Overall though, Overall though, the negative reviews the Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable has received from users do not affect its overall performance. Most users find them to be a trivial and tolerable issue as this record player still has numerous advantages over the flaws. That’s why it’s not hard to see why it has become a bestseller among all turntables.

This player combines both looks and decent sound quality.

Back tot the table with all vintage models

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