Review of a Crosley Mini Turntable

Crosley CR40 RE Mini Turntable

Here is the powerful record player that makes your music real in your ears. It is enclosed in a durable case making it safer since it is perfect forCrosley Mini Turntable review travel or storage. But, do not let its size mislead you for it packs the same punch as some of Crosley’s larger turntable. It comes accompanied by dynamic full range stereo speakers and tone control that is adjustable. This will give you an opportunity to every crackle and beat of your best music. If you really want to bring your favorite music on the track, then you got the right companion. Its serves best for relatively small parties, baby showers and even get together for it has inbuilt speakers. It also serves best in training youngsters aspiring to become DJs with much fun such as experimenting with their favorite songs sound at 33.5, 45 and 78 RPMs having the opportunity to engage new beats. The size of the record player makes it just perfect for travel.

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Specifications Crosley CR40 RE Mini Turntable

Crosley Mini TurntableThe Crosley CR40 RE Mini Turntable measures 4.63” high by 14.0” wide by 10.5” long and weighs 5.5 Lbs. Crosley guarantees you a 1 year warranty, thus giving you much confidence in the device. It also includes AC Power Adapter, speakers are in-built so you do not have to enlarge your carriers, the output type is simply Audio, RCA. Truly, great things come in small packages.

The great features of this music device are not limited whatsoever; remember it has the same great full-size technology system though with less size. It has a belt-driven mechanism and diamond stylus needle. Next tot that there are full dynamic range stereo speakers with an auxiliary output with Adjustable Tone Control. It also has an auxiliary output that connects the peripheral devices. These features make the Crosley CR40 RE Mini Turntable an outstanding music system that is capable of giving you the best sound quality. The system incorporates the music within your veins and makes music a real part of you. In fact the CR-40 model seems to be the best of the Crosley portable turntables with better styling and front firing speakers so the music is really send your way. In fact there are over a 120 5 star reviews for this small player!

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Classic styling features

Crosley Mini TurntableThe manufacturers – Crosley, have always produced high quality products that are fairly competitive in the global market. Crosley CR40 RE Mini Turntable is not an exceptional. All the great technology and design has been incorporated in this sound system. It features classic styling and with the suitcase vinyl housing in addition to the applied technology absolutely proves the authenticity of a Crosley. All these amenities do not allow you to necessarily sacrifice any of your favorite vinyl that could have been buried in the attic for many years. You will actually enjoy a big punch of the music when bringing this turntable to a party.

What do others say about the Crosley Mini Turntable

According to a review written by Elizabeth, she was at first a little worried because of some comments from a other reviewer who had mentioned that this device did not delivered the expected sound quality. However, this did not turn out to be true or anything close to that. She writes that shipping was done fast and started using it immediately with full satisfaction. She is most excited by its portability. Avid gamer – a Reviewer states “I am very happy with my Crosley mini turntable. It has crisp, full sound – better than our fancy turntable hooked up to good speakers. It is well made and perfect for storing when not in use. I love it!”

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Do some research for yourself and find this highly credible device that solves your musical needs instantly.