Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth

Written by Ben W

I love vinyl since the first day I discovered an old record player at my grandparents attic. Now, I own over a dozen record players and I am always looking for gems like albums of vintage models.

Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth record player

Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is one of those record players that can do whatever your mind can imagine – it’s a versatile turntable that’s packed with a manifold of high-end features, including a powerful RMS output (25W + 25W), the NFC Bluetooth feature, double CD player, USB, RCA, AUX inputs and more.

The market is full with versatile record players – 3-in-1, 5-in-1, even 7-in-1 record players, but this is “the” turntable when it comes to the well-rounded performance. Even though it comes supplied with a lot of useful functions and features, it’s actually pretty easy to use. Each part is divided, and each section of this record player has a handful of buttons that serve obvious functions.


Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth record player design

This record player features a standard height and width. Its precise dimensions are 24” by 12” by 8”, and it is considered to be “moderately light” with 18 pounds of weight. These qualities make Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player a decently compact record player.

Techplay ODCR238WD Bluetooth 7


When it comes to the issue of storage, you’ll get more room if you keep the lid closed. You could enjoy your music this way, and save up some space in the process. As for the durability, this turntable is made of wood with

several finishes, but the majority of the front side is adorned with plastic buttons/functions.

Techplay ODCR238WD Bluetooth


The RMS speakers are also made of wood and they’re quite durable. However, this type of material is prone to scratches, so you’d do well to avoid unnecessary repositioning. As far as the attractiveness is in question, both Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player and the RMS speakers are good to go.


The outward appearance of this music system is very appealing, but they are not exactly “beautiful”. There are a lot of record players that could easily outmatch them in this field, but they’re appealing enough to pass as “attractive”.

The design rating of Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power record player is 7/10.



  • Very durable;
  • Made from high-quality materials;
  • Matching materials, color, and finish of the record player and external speakers;
  • Decently compact and light;



  • Not exactly “beautiful”
  • There are a lot of record players that could outmatch this turntable in the field of aesthetics;



Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth record player features

This is a very versatile record player that comes supplied with a manifold of features and controls. In order to avoid unnecessary confusion, we could split this section into two separate segments, the Feature Section and the Controls section:

The Feature Section:

Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is supplied with two RMS external speakers (25W + 25W), the NFC Bluetooth feature, the Double CD player, the USB, several SD card slots, a headphone slot, the RCA out, Auxiliary In jacks, the digital AM/FM radio with LCD display.

  • Two RMS external speakers

These powerful speakers pack a punch of 25W (each). They’re made from the same material as the record player itself, and they’re decently durable. The only problem is that they’re prone to scratches. Anyhow, they provide a clear and rich full-spectrum sound output.

  • The NFC Bluetooth feature

The NFC Bluetooth feature is one of the latest technologies in the field of Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily connect most of your electronic devices to this record player, but you should keep in mind that the NFC Bluetooth feature is not a form of broadcaster – it’s a receiver-type feature.

  • Double CD player

Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is supplied with Double CD player which you could use to play your audio content from CD (player) or burn your audio content onto a new CD (burner). You could even use this feature to record your audio content to a CD format (recorder). The only problem is that you can’t shuffle your CDs.

  • USB, Headphone, RCA, AUX inputs and outputs

The manifold of inputs makes connection easy. This record player has a USB port, a Headphone input, the RCA output, several Aux inputs, and more.

  • Digital AM/FM radio with LCD display

The AM/FM radio is a fully digitalized feature that’s supplied with a clearly visible LCD display. Tune in to listen to your favorite radio stations easily.

The Controls Section

The controls section is here so that you don’t have to read the user’s manual thoroughly. We’ll quickly explain what each button does so that you can enjoy your music straight away:

Top Part

  • Tuner/Band – this control governs the use of AM/FM radio;
  • Sleep/timer – similar to automatic shutoff feature;
  • REC/DEL – short for “record” and “delete”. Record or delete your audio data;
  • Mode/Clock – changes can be seen on the LCD display. You can change one of the several modes or see the time (if you’ve set it previously);
  • Play/Pause/Stop – push to play or pause, hold to stop;
  • Previous and Next song – these functions are quite self-explanatory;

Bottom Part

  • CD 2 enable – switches the priority of CD playback from CD 1 to CD 2;
  • Increment – decrease or increase increments;
  • Play/pause – similar to Play and Pause in the “Top Part” section;
  • Record/Erase – similar to REC/DEL function, only for the “CD 2”;
  • CD 1 and CD 2 – opens the container for CD 1 and CD 2 respectively;

The features rating of Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is 9/10.


  • Incredibly powerful features;
  • Intelligently built;
  • Simplified controls;


  • There are too many controls which do not have obvious functions;


Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth record player performance

Techplay OCDR23WD Record Player

If you want to see how good this record player performs, all you need to know is that it has a set of powerful speakers, a remote/manual method of operation, it features the Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s very reliable.

  • Great sound output

The high-performance RMS speakers have a power of 25W each. They provide a clear full-spectrum sound, and they’re probably one of the best features this record player comes outfitted with.

  • Remote/Manual method of operation

A remote controller is supplied along with the set, so you can use this record player remotely. Alternatively, you can use this turntable manually.

  • The Bluetooth function

The NFC Bluetooth function allows you to connect your electrical devices to this record player (if they support the Bluetooth feature, that is).

  • Three selectable speeds

You can playback your records at 33, 45 and 78 rotations per minute. Knowing that most record player models come supplied with the ability to reproduce audio at 2 selectable speeds, Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is superior in this field.

  • Very reliable

Every single feature and function is fail-proof, but they might get “rusty” after extended usage, figuratively speaking.

The performance rating of Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is 9/10.


  • Very reliable;
  • Incredible sound output;
  • Remote/Manual method of operation;
  • Three selectable speeds;


  • The Bluetooth function is not updated;

The final verdict

Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player belongs to the top border of the cheap price point category. It’s incredibly reliable, and it’s supplied with state-of-the-art features and technologies. Wrapping it up, it’s cheap, it’s reliable, and it’s extremely powerful. If you’re down of cash, and if you’re searching for a high-quality record player, Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player might interest you. It’s worth taking a shot, especially because it’s cheap.

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