Portable Record Player

Where to look for when buying a portable record player

A portable turntable has some specific characteristics, making it ideal for transport. All the big brands do offer a portable turntable, often called suitcase turntables. With so many different types on the market there is room for some personal preferences. Find the five best products reviewed.

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1. The Crosley Mini Turntable

This small record player is just doing what it is asked to do. It plays records, smooth and with a decent sound. Next to that, this little machine is very portable due to its suitcase. The price is just under $60, that is at the lower part of the market. That does not mean that this is a low quality item, Crosley found a good balance between price and quality. You will get what you see: A nice little and easy to transport record player. The machine can be purchased in 7 different colors and is easy to connect to external speakers. Because of its classical design is has a vintage look and will give something extra to a room when placed properly.

Portable record player