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Vintage Record Players

Vintage Record Players

Vinyl of course, has a very rich history. We love to talk about the nostalgics of turntables and vinyl.

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If you own a record player, you probably want it to stand out in your room. We have some great suggestions to do so.

The Crosley Nomad Turntable

Pro's: We are stunned with the design of this Crosley Nomad record player. Crosley really brought some history to the twentieth century. Next to great design, the sound is very smooth. This model does bring back some awesome memories for those who dig up their old...

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Review: Crosley CR44CD Turntable!

Pro's: We of couse went for the design of this Crosley model. When placed in a room, this Crosley Record Player Console becomes a centre piece. The big wooden cabinet also provides some decent music and bass. The console also feel's high quality. Cons: It is big, very...

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Review: Crosley CR6230A-TU Snap

Pro's: A Vinyl-Record player disguised as a suitcase! We are enchanted by the design! Accompanied by a pair of semi-external speakers, this portable player will turn up the party anywhere you go. Con's: The mat sometimes warp, and needs some keep up. After a while it...

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We Review the Best Crosley Record Players

Introduction to the Crosley Record Players The sound that Crosley Record Players make is the one full of reminiscence, and even the skeptics will find it really hard to disagree with this statement. Even if you wanted to judge their quality objectively, you will most...

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