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Crosley Cruiser Review


Crosley cruiser

Pros: The vintage design has made this record player iconic and the most popular model on the market. The looks are astonishing. Many different colors available. Portable item. Full range stereo speakers with decent sound quality. Sharp priced with 80 dollar.

Cons: Not a high end product for a music fanatic, this is more designed for enthusiasts.

The Crosley Cruiser Record Player, first impression

Well, the first impression is good, very good even. The design is very cruiser rednice. We had the privilege to see both the one with the black case and red inside and the pink one. The deep red interior immediately attracts the eye when the player is open. Making this model suited for placement in sight.

With all the available colors, the player is suited for both retro or more modern customers. The handy easy quick start guide ensures that you will be enjoying music within a minute.

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Sound quality

The sound is okay, not bad and not great. This player is fit for bringing atmosphere but needs external speakers for a party. With the RCA these can be easily hooked up. Is does produce the characteristic vinyl sound, so the vinyl feeling is there.


crosley cruiser closed

This is one of the key elements of this model. With the suitcase design, the vinyl instrument is easy to transport. Giving you the opportunity the bring it with you wherever you go.

Other features an manufacturer

With this being one of the cheaper models, there are few extra functions.The RCA cable and jacks give you the opportunity to hook up external speakers or a headphone if you want to enjoy your music in private. Also you can plug your Ipod or phone and listen from your phone.

With Crosley Radio being a well-known brand in the industry, and being famous for their old school musical instruments, you know that when buying a Cruiser that you will buy it from a company that already produced radio’s during your grandparents youth. This long history is giving them extreme knowledge about the market and products. Surviving for so long and still on top of the chain does mean that they are good in what they are doing.

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Reviewers on Amazon

With an astonishing 670 reviews, this is one of the most popular cruiser with ipodturntables on Amazon. Over half of that are 5 star reviews! Clearly Crosley is bringing something good on the market. Customers with lower rating mostly complain about the sound quality. Stating that the experienced vinyl listener will be disappointed. That is what can be said over buyers of this model.Starters or people who just want to have a nice player to listen to some vinyl are pleased. Where the more experienced customers would like better sound. Most people are enthusiast over the design, being both retro and stylish.

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We do really like this Crosley Cruiser! With the Cruiser clearly not being a high end model, this player is not aiming for purist’. It is however bringing a lot of joy for those who start with vinyl. Also a lot of children appreciate the available colors. The sound quality and volume are sufficient for bringing atmosphere to your living room or garden when receiving with some friends. For a very reasonable price  you buy yourself a vinyl device that is for sure bringing you a lot of fun.

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Review of the Pyle Home PVNTT6UMR vintage turntable

pyle home retro

Pro: Low pricing, one-of-a-kind looks, easy to move, quality wooden

Cons: Volume not that high


We will start whit telling you that this item cost under 90 bucks. That mean this model is priced on the very low end of the market. This means we can expect an item that is not from superb quality. But, there is a broad range from superb to bad. This player is able to find a great balance in price and performance. This is what we think of the vinyl instrument.

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 Quirky looks

quirky playerWitt this we do mean that the player looks very unique. With most models having all the sides of the chest the same height, this model stands out. By making the front side higher compared to the rear and left/right, a unique look is created. Somehow does the high front give the item something extra. We do like the inventive design for that. Next to the design is the woodwork, this is of decent quality. The red/paprika/mahogany color is a bit difficult to describe but go’s well with the design. The curly craved out speakers give a nice touch to the model. With a bit going to retro, this model is for sure not an dime a dozen item.

And the Sound, how is that

Of course the most important feature next to the design is the sound produced. Also in this aspect, the Pyle Home is doing what it is asked when considered the price of the item. The sound is of acceptable quality and the player is able to reach the full range of tones. The characteristic vinyl sound is there so one can tell that one is not listening to Spotify music. You do not buy this model when you aim for a great sound.The internal speakers are able to produce some nice background music, they however are not capable of filling a room full with (loud) chatting people. When you want to listen to vinyl on a party that you are hosting, you might consider hooking up external speaker.

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Ports and connectivity rca pyle home

The turntable is equipped with both jacks and USB. This means that you can hook up external speakers for more volume or better sound. Also it is possible to amplify the sound by the RCA ports. Hereby giving you the ability to improve the quality without loosing the vinyl sound. The USB connection is giving you the opportunity to store your vinyl collection on hard disk or CD. This function is a ice add on that allows you to digital store your LP collection.

Also is this classical instrument capable of handling your I pod or phone. Meaning that you can play music from both vinyl and your digital collection.

Final thoughts and verdict

With 3.5 stars on Amazon, this is not the highest rated product. This can however be explained by the reasons of purchase. If you aim for a decent player for a very nice price, than you will be satisfied with both the classic looks and the sound. The Pyle home is doing a decent job for both of these. If you are looking for great quality sound, than this is not your player. You better aim for, but notice that you will pay a substantial higher price than.

Reviewers on Amazon are therefor split in two groups, happy customers witch hoped for a low priced player with some nice sound and looks. On the other hand unhappy buyers that expected an high end item. Deciding what type you are is advised before buying.

Kids record player

What is the best record player for your kid?

Well, if a child is going to use the record player the turntable must have some characteristics:

-Easy to use, of course your kid is a clever one, but not a rocket scientist (yet..) therefor the player most be simple enough to be in use within minutes.

-Solid (it might get some hits), this is important for both the child and the player. Of course we do not want the record player to be damaged, but it would be far worse if parts would come off that can harm the child. Therefore a model suited for kids must be of decent quality.

-Colorful, a kid wants a player with nice colors, shiny and bright. That is what children like.

So this is what we are looking for in the turntable. Does the ” Basic Fun Fisher Price” bring this kind of features?

Zoom in on the Basic Fun Fisher Price

Basic Fun Fisher Price Record Player

The first thing one would notice, the bright colors. Making is immediately clear that this model is aiming for young users. Even the records are of nice colors.

And the great part of these LP’s is that they doe really work. This model is really playing the colorful discs. Making it a real turntable. The basis Fisher Fun model is thereby providing the real feeling of vinyl.

Reviewers on Amazon about this model

With over 40 reviewers giving is over 4 stars, one can conclude that this is an item that is able to doe what is supposed to do.

For only 30 bugs this is a really cheap machine. Thereby it is full of colors and quite strong.

Not many other models

It is hard to compare the upper model with other items on the market. Being the only model especially targeting children, there is no other device to compare it with.

Best budget turntable

Best budget turntable

There are plenty of turntables on the market that don’ t cost you a fortune. Some of the low priced record players are able to give some fine sound. Sometimes they even do have some advantage over more high end turntables because they easier to handle and more “dummy proof”

Below you find record players from $25-$100, together with their technical details, price and our review. If you combine these specs with your preferences you can buy a great musical instrument which will give you lots of pleasure for a small price.

If you like an record player with speakers or an USB record player or players with the specific old school look, you can find specific pages for them. Some of the players listed here however also do have these qualities.